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The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal) by J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele - Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Title: The Agreement (An Indecent Proposal)
Authors: J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele
Release Date: December 15th, 2015
Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance

Predictable. Boring. Safe.
That’s what life is supposed to be like. As the rightful heir to Waterfront Shore, I would gladly refuse my inheritance. I don’t want the money. I sure don’t want to have anything to do with its dark past. Except for the letters of my deceased mother, I would be willing to cut losses and move on and give up my rich lifestyle. But my stepfather expects me to marry. And then there is my new fiancé.
My hot, fake fiancé.

Tall, handsome, mysterious.
That’s how Chase Wright is.
Unfortunately, he is not mine.
Unfortunately, too, the day I hired him, I signed an agreement.

When an innocent plan lands us engaged, none of us are prepared for the consequences. No one warned us that we could fall in love. Maybe The Agreement wasn’t such a good idea.

I should stay away from him and forget about our one night together.
Except he doesn’t want to….
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J.C. Reed- visit her website
Jackie Steele- visit her website


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Monday, 30 November 2015

This is an article by Helen Crofter!

Chilled, Smart, And Empathetic – The Ways In Which Reading Is Good For You

Everyone who comes to this blog is already no doubt aware of the joys inherent in reading – but did you know that it’s actually very good for you as well? Grabbing a book and losing yourself in the text brings with it a whole host of surprising health benefits. Not only this, but it’s thought that reading fiction can even help your social life and perhaps make you a better person! If you’re interested in the ways in which reading can improve your health and your life, here are just a few examples…

Reading Reduces Your Dementia Risk

Everyone’s brain will naturally start to show signs of wear and tear as they get older, but studies show that those who read regularly are likely to be sharper into old age than those who do not. Reading provides your brain with a light workout, exercising not only your ability to understand the text, but also your imagination and ability to make connections across a broad spectrum of scenarios. Indeed, those who do not engage in brain-workouts of this kind experience cognitive decline at a rate 48% faster than bookworms when they enter old age! It’s even been suggested that reading could help protect the brain against Alzheimers – although more work needs to be done to confirm this scientifically.

Reading Helps Your Mental Health

Reading not only chills you out, de-stresses you, and makes you less vulnerable to things like depression, it can also help with things like substance abuse and eating disorders. Many substance abusers turn to addictive substances as a means of ‘escape’ from their lives and themselves. Reading a good book provides the same kind of ‘escape’, but the other effects of reading are positive rather than negative, making it an excellent substitute for drink and/or drugs. Those in danger of addictive disorders can often be helped enormously by the escape found within books. In the same vein, people with eating-based anxieties and issues can often find solace, support, and escape from the intrusive thought-cycles with which they suffer within the pages of a good book. Reading gives the brain something else to concentrate on other than neurotic preoccupations, and the less it can focus on anxieties etc, the weaker those anxieties will get. As a means of ‘escape’, reading is thus incredibly valuable to suffering individuals.

Reading Helps You To Sleep

By now we’re probably all aware that staring at a backlit screen before bed wreaks havoc with our circadian rhythms, so perhaps it’s best to put the Kindle down and pick up a paperback if you want to get the benefits of this one – but assuming that you’re not reading from an electronic device, plenty of sleep experts recommend taking in a few chapters before sleep. Not only does reading de-stress you, it can also help the brain to transition to a ‘deeper’, more dreamlike mode from which sleep is easier to access. It also removes the brain’s focus from the problems of the day, meaning that sleep will not only come more easily but will be more restful and less interrupted by anxieties. As a good sleeping pattern is absolutely essential for good overall health, the benefits of this one cannot be overstated!

Reading Makes You A Better Person

Reading – well, reading fiction – has been proven to make readers more empathetic and considerate of the emotions of others than they otherwise may have been. A study in New York discovered that those who read fiction by the likes of Charles Dickens and Tea Obreht were more able than those who did not to identify the emotions that others were feeling. It is thought that the readers were able to do this because they had been ‘trained’ by reading to identify with the emotions of fictional characters. Furthermore, having a literary ‘insight’ into the mind of a fictional character makes one generally more aware of other people’s though processes (and the ways in which they may differ from one’s own), and more able to ‘read’ those thought processes in the real world. All of which makes one generally better at social interaction, which in turn is incredibly good for one’s social life, which in turn has positive impacts upon one’s health in general. 

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The Lover's Surrender by J.C. Reed - Release Blitz & Giveaway!

The Lover's Surrender by J.C. Reed

Title: The Lover's Surrender
Author: J.C. Reed
Released: November 25th, 2015
Genre: Mature New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance


LOVE…sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s bad. And sometimes it’s dangerous.

Brooke Stewart, a realtor in New York, is sure of one of thing. She should never fully trust someone who has secrets. Especially when said bad boy is the sexiest man walking on earth. She is running away and has no intention of ever returning to him. But when a friend is killed and the one man she thought she would never meet again is accused of murder, she knows the story doesn’t add up.

Dangerously sexy and arrogant millionaire Jett Mayfield knows his secrets are not doing him any favors. However, when they serve to save Brooke’s life, he has no intention of revealing them. When problems spiral out of control and his life is turned upside down, he knows he needs her more than ever. He needs her more than he knows. But will he be strong enough to do what needs to be done?

In a world where truth shatters and danger is closing in on them, where love is their only sanctuary, will they be able to find each other or is it time to let each other go?



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Breathe and Release by Katherine Hayton - Book Blitz


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Elisabet wakes with amnesia. The care offered to her by a husband she doesn’t remember descends within weeks into aggression and violence. Lillian lies hogtied in an underground cell. Forget about escape; unless she can manage the necessities of life she’ll be dead within days. Kristen lost her house, her friends, and her confidence when her parents separated. Now her injured stepmother has moved back in. Has she lost her memory, or lost her mind? Will the secrets hidden in Elisabet's locked memory be enough to set them all free?  

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Elisabet woke for the first time one morning. An odd occurrence given she was an adult woman; but while she knew that, she didn’t know much else. She had no memories. There was a lot of knowledge in her head, untethered, but there were no memories to accompany it except for those she’d formed since waking. They’d been uniformly bad. Her head hurt. Her legs hurt. Her back ached, and she couldn’t rotate her right shoulder at all. She insisted that the pretty blond nurse who was tending to her bring a mirror so she could waylay her first horrified thought, that she was old. She wasn’t, but that was the end of the good news.


He shot her a look and Kristen moved farther down the wall, away from him. Elisabet raised her eyebrows and studied the two of them. Kristen was scared of him, or nervous at any rate. Elisabet wondered if she should be nervous, too. There was no harm in being careful. Kristen pulled her phone out and started playing with it. ‘You can’t use that in here,’ Graeme said. ‘It mucks up the machines.’ ‘That’s a load of rubbish,’ she responded. ‘They only leave those signs up because they want to control their patients. Anyway, she’s not even hooked up to anything,’ she said, the disappointment clear in her voice. ‘She’s the cat’s mother,’ Elisabet chimed in as the old phrase entered her head. They both stared at her. She had nothing more to add. ‘Take it outside if you’re going to use it,’ Graeme continued. ‘We don’t need to get kicked out; we just arrived.’ ‘Whatever,’ Kristen said, but left the room. Elisabet could hear her clomp down the hallway. The linoleum did nothing to disguise any sounds of movement. It was chosen for ease of cleaning, not for sound dilution. ‘So,’ Graeme said as he turned and stretched his legs out on the bed beside Elisabet. ‘Just the two of us.’ She didn’t know why that phrase should send a shiver of fear down her spine, but it did.


Lillian couldn’t see. She tried to move her hands and feel her face; it felt like there was something obstructing it. She couldn’t. Her arms were tied behind her back. When Lillian made the connection she sat bolt upright. Her shoulders had a dull ache from where they were pulled unnaturally backwards. When she tried to lift one then the other the ache intensified. ‘Hello?’ She called out. Loud, but not so loud the neighbours would complain. ‘Hello, is anyone there?’ For a second she thought that maybe Greg had put her in this position. Once, a few years back, they’d talked about role-play and BDSM. They’d even talked about a threesome. When Lillian sobered up she’d put the kibosh on that quickly enough, but maybe her headache was from a hangover and she’d agreed to something a bit weird? ‘Greg?’


Katherine Hayton is a 42 year old woman who works in insurance, doesn't have children or pets, can't drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides two minutes’ walk from where she was born. For some reason she's developed a rich fantasy life. Enjoy.





Or visit her website:

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Accidentally Seduced by Carmen Falcone - Release Day Celebration! & Giveaway!

A spy, a thief and a CEO…Be Accidentally Seduced 
Carmen Falcone!

Coming August 25th is the third novel in the Naked Truth series, Accidentally Seduced from Carmen Falcone! Read about a man trying to become the CEO, a assistant who is really spying on her boss and both are trying to stay ahead of a thief determined to rob the company blind.


Devon Wilder wants to leave the scandal involving his name behind and focus on the race for the CEO title. Yet, his sexy assistant is an unexpected and dangerous liability—especially after he suspects she could be the one stealing money from the company.
Elena Moretti’s libido was comatose until Devon strode into her life. Ever since the end of a troubled marriage, she never wanted any man the way she does him. Unfortunately for her, Devon is also the man she’s been hired to spy on and find evidence to prove he’s embezzling and dragging Wilder & Co.’s name through the mud.
As the hunt for the real thief advances, they need to figure out if they’ll cling to old fears or throw themselves at the new, tempting opportunities—and each other.

 On Sale in Digital: August 25, 2015
Amazon       B&N


Excerpt from Accidentally Seduced
Showing up at Smolder, after work, without texting Devon, was a bad idea. Elena cemented her insecurity the minute a couple of tall women with fiery red hair strode into the club the same time as she. Everyone seemed to be way cool and too hip. She touched her fifties-style black dress—tight on top, with a flowing skirt down to her knees, and reached for her chunky pearl necklace. I look like a vintage Stepford wife.
Ugh. Why had she changed her mind? Going far from her comfort zone was one thing. Visiting his second place of work carved a pitiful hole between them. She leaned across from the bartender, and waved at the bald chick with purple lipstick and dark clothes. “Red wine, please.”
The bartender nodded, and turned around to get the bottle. Some alcohol had to loosen her violin string-tight nerves. Right? She lifted her hands and fiddled with the pearls, and wondered if taking them off wouldn’t be a better choice. Ah. Might as well own it.
Her gaze zapped from the bar area to the dance floor. It was strangely intimate. The nightclub had a theater-like feel, with special VIP boxes that overlooked the dance floor like old-fashioned terraces, and several antique chandeliers dropping from the ceiling. Gorgeous GoGo girls dangling on trapezes and the ultramodern music—a tattooed DJ worked the tunes in a higher box—gave the place an edge.
A lot of the women could be models, and probably were, with their slinky bodies and sophisticated get-ups.
“Here,” the bartender said, and she turned to grab the drink.
She sipped the wine a tad too quickly. Was it too late to go home? No. Besides, her pragmatic side warned, she was checking out the club. Matthew had hinted Devon could be stealing from the company because of the other clubs he was about to open, but a glance at her surroundings was all she needed. Why would he need to embezzle money? This club was in full swing, and given the classy décor and overpriced drinks, she doubted Smolder was on its last legs.
She eyed Devon, before she was prepared. He was talking to a couple of gorgeous brunettes. Her heart raced. She lifted her shoulders, and finished the remains of her drink.
“Another.” She pointed her head in the direction of the glass to the bartender. “Please.”
The woman smiled and turned around to get the bottle.
Damn it. Of course he flirted with other women. The man had an open relationship before her, and what guarantee did she have he wasn’t planning on screwing any of them tonight? She had told him she wouldn’t come. Besides, they didn’t have anything concrete. Anything lasting.
Do you want to? No. Of course not. If she hadn’t been able to handle a man like Timothy, crazy and sick as he was, how about a man like Devon? He oozed sexiness. And trouble. Especially trouble.
She gave herself a mental slap on the forehead, and searched for him again. Her pulse spiked. Across from her, a few inches from the entrance to the VIP area, he still talked to the two women, and nodded. She zoomed on his face. No smile. A stupid part of her rejoiced. The women leaned forward, one of them laughing while the other batted her eyelashes. He shook his head and said something, then walked away from them. Well, if body language was anything to go by, he wasn’t interested in a threesome. Phew.
Stupid. Stupid, stupid. He also wasn’t interested in a long-term commitment. And neither was she—not with him. She longed to find someone for a meaningful relationship, and should be thankful Devon was giving her good sexual memories to cling to for the near future. Sex. Good. Hot. Sex.
His gaze found hers, and she shifted on her seat. While he erased the distance between them with long, graceful strides, she parted her mouth. All of a sudden, it was like she had a freaking cold. Air restricted in her lungs, she had to clear her throat. Twice.
“Look who’s here.”
“I… I was in the neighborhood.”
He threw his head back, and laughed. “That’s right. You were in the neighborhood,” he said, a silver spark in his eyes mocking her. “And no vagina dress?”
“A pity, I know.” Her lips broke into a smile, and she lifted her hand to her neckline. She was burning. “I changed my mind. Wanted to see how you can do this. Work all hours.”
“This is pleasure.”
She frowned. “How so?”
“I have a great team, they make it easy for me.”
“Yes. I noticed that besides the bouncers, they are all women,” she said, and wished she had a freaking filter. She coughed. “Which is nice. Great.”
He gave out his hand. “Wanna dance?”
“Oh, I’m not really the best dancer,” she said, and made a face she doubted came anywhere close to sexy. God. What was wrong with her? She had been out of the dating pool for too long. Now…now was the time to freaking change that. Live it up. Go girl.
“I’m not asking you to be Julliard material. You can move your hips, right?”

Author Bio: 

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps bragging about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line @ For more info, visit her website:

Connect with Carmen:  Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads   Pinterest   Instagram

               Check out the other books in the Naked Truth series!

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Grand Prize: $25 Amazon or B&N gift card
2 Runner-up Prizes: Digital copies of any one (1) book by Carmen Falcone from her backlist

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The Architect by C.A. Bell - Release Blitz

Out Now! The Architect by C.A. Bell

Book Description:

A one night stand? Not if you arrange to have another.

When Ruth Watson finally decides to break her depressive state of singleness and get back out on the social scene, the last thing she expects to happen is meet Mr Right and share a moment of passion in the middle of the buzzing city… But she does.

After meeting Heath Berkley on her first venture out after two years of hermit like existence, Ruth’s life suddenly becomes exciting for the first time. As their meetings become more frequent, and their love affair blossoms, a common interest between the pair is found.

Agreeing to explore their unveiled kinkier sides while Heath is in town on business, Ruth finds herself rapidly slipping under his spell and craving more of him.

But when their journey into the darker side introduces them to George Randall, things take a sinister turn, and when his true identity is revealed, Ruth has a hunger for revenge.

Knowing there is only one place she wants to be, Ruth follows Heath’s disciplinary hand to the Highlands of Scotland, in hope that his healing arms will squeeze the pain and devious thoughts away. At least until she has to return to London.

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As the night progresses, and the tender does as instructed, I find myself becoming tipsy and more confident as I gaze at the stubble-chinned guy with the great suit, and occasionally try to catch his eye. But no such luck.

Turning my back to him and giving myself a telling off for being so desperate, I notice that the club has grown busier. With the ever-increasing number of bodies giving off their warmth, the bar suddenly becomes unbearably hot. I shrug my shoulders high and shake my jacket down, imprisoning it between my back and the bars on the top of the stool. Then, tossing my long hair to one side and exposing my bare neck and shoulder, I sit and watch a couple that have just got up to dance. Their casual swaying soon turns suggestive, and I keep my eyes glued on them as I blindly reach out for my glass, grasp it, and place it on my lap.

“Can I buy you a drink?” A warm hand rests on my naked shoulder.

Turning to see that it’s the dish I have been ogling all night, I nervously bite my lip and murmur an indecisive, “Umm.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” he says with a smile across his angelic yet troubled face.

My lips curl mischievously. “Well, in that case, I suppose I’ll have to say yes.”

He lifts his hand to the barman and says, “Another for the lady, and I’ll join her,” before walking behind me and creating a breeze that causes goose bumps to rise on the back of my neck.

With my eyes anchored on him as he straddles the stool beside me and hands the tender a crisp note, my thoughts become all sorts of inappropriate as I imagine what his fuck face might look like if I straddled him like he just did that stool.

My filthy thoughts are interrupted when our drinks are placed in front of us. My God, Ruth, stop it, you hussy.

I refocus my thoughts and thank him for the beverage as he pushes his hair back from his face. I admire his strong jaw line, and how he clenches it every now and again as though he is chewing over his next sentence.

“You’re welcome.” He smiles, holding out his big manly hand. “I’m Heath.”

I take it without hesitation. “I’m Ruth.” In my head it’s more like, ‘I’m yours’ as I rip his shirt off his back, and we have breathless frantic sex like they do in the Hollywood blockbusters. Jesus, what is the matter with me? I had no idea I was so frustrated.

Author Bio:

C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she and her husband married and made a home.

C.A.Bell is currently working on her second book to follow The Architect, and aspires to be a well-known full-time author.


Twitter @cbellAtrix09

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Broken Series - Cover Re-Reveal by Maegan Abel

Series: Broken series
Author: Maegan Abel
Release Dates: January 2014 – September 2015
Find on Goodreads

Perfectly Broken (#1)


Zane Tishler moved in with his brother after his nightmare divorce to find that his brother had taken in a “stray”, a punk chick with a bad attitude. Liliosa Cortez found a place to start over in a city built for hiding. But when her roommate’s brother moved in she pegged him for a pretty boy with enough baggage to fill a semi and major hostility toward women. But now, after two years, Lili and Zane have become best friends and the perfect “wingmen.” They’ve developed a system for tagging and bagging tourists. No strings attached. They are partners in crime who have managed to have the time of their lives in the City of Sin.

Life would be perfect if they could keep it this way, but a new player in the game makes both Lili and Zane face the feelings they had not been prepared to notice. What happens when dangerous shadows from a forgotten past find their way into the neon spotlights? What happens when the fuse is lit on all those emotions they have deeply buried?

Can they survive the explosion or will the backlash tear them and everyone they love apart?

When two pasts become one present in the searing Nevada heat…
When two realities collide under the lights of Vegas…
When two lives are threatened due to secrets and lies…

What do you do when you find out your perfect world is Perfectly Broken?

Buy Links:

Unforgivably Broken (#2)


Liliosa Cortez has spent years hiding from her past. Unfortunately, no one can hide forever. Now, she’s forced to admit her mistakes and make a decision. Does she let those around her in to help, or go at it alone? Conquer her demons head-on, or remain by Zane’s side while he fights his own?

Zane Tishler is a master at avoiding the difficult parts of his past. He learned early in life that charm will get you a long way in the world and deception is easier than hard truths. Sometimes, old habits die hard. When his past mistakes start making continuous reappearances, he is faced with some of the most crucial decisions he’s ever made.

It took a near-tragedy for Zane and Lili to admit their feelings for one another. If they could survive that explosion, wading through the debris left by the past should be a breeze, right?

When you have secrets, they can rip ragged holes in the ties that bind even the strongest relationships. When you know the secrets you keep make you a monster, one unworthy of love, you hold a power that can tear you apart from the inside... and take down those closest to you in the process.

What do you do when realize you’re Unforgivably Broken?

Buy Links:

Broken Holidays (#2.5)


Before Perfectly Broken, before a beautiful relationship can start, the bond that solidifies who Lili and Zane are together must form. Beginnings are always the first step in building something stunning, something undeniably perfect…

The first holiday…

Things are tense between Zane, Lili, and Tish. They’re all still adapting to living in the house, Zane’s divorce has just been finalized, and he’s pissed off at the world. A bright light, however, shines in his world of darkness. Will the person he's hated since their first meeting be the one to help him turn things around?

The second holiday…

One year later, we find a much more settled family. Zane and Lili are falling into a pattern, learning to trust and lean on one another, but one wrong move, just the tiniest of slips, could ruin what is finally feeling solid for the both of them.

The beginning of tradition…

New Year’s Eve brings a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Knowing your history, and where you come from, might be all that keeps you going when your whole world falls apart. 

The strength of the holidays, family, new beginnings, and acceptance, is how their broken pieces begin to glue themselves back together again, if only for a little while…

Buy Links:


“What the fuck was that tonight?” he asked. His voice was low and controlled but his grip on my arm told me he was still pissed.

“What was what?” I countered, tugging against his hand. I didn’t fight to break it, just to remind him that he had ahold of me. His fingers loosened, but he didn’t release me.

“You know what. You were being a fucking cockblocker for no reason. What the hell is up with you?” His tone, and the fact that he’d adapted this habit of talking to me like I was one of the guys, was really starting to wear on me. Add that to the fact that I’d gotten the second threat on my job because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and I’d had enough.

“All I did was point out the obvious. You’re the one who’s unconcerned with anything aside from how fast you can stick your dick in someone,” I replied, tugging against his grip again, this time wanting space. He released me, his eyes narrowing as he opened his mouth to speaking. I continued before he could, steamrolling over his protest. “Don’t even try to deny it. It’s the only reason you even go out. And honestly, it’s sad. A chick who I can only imagine you had to gag to even get it up made your night a success. Congratulations on that. Really. It’s quite an accomplishment to fuck someone who probably had the jizz of her last partner still drying on her panties. If she even bothered to wear any.”

Zane stared at me, eyebrows raised. “Finished?”

“Yup.” I lifted my chin.

“Have you ever tried it?” he asked, leaning against the wall.

“I ran back through our conversation in my head. “Tried what?”

“Casual sex,” he answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You’d be surprised by what I’ve tried,” I said, my tone arctic. He tilted his head, his expression questioning. “Don’t even think about asking.”

A slow grin spread across his face. “You can’t drop a bomb like that and expect me not to ask.”

“Just because I don’t flaunt it and fuck a different person every night doesn’t mean I don’t have ways to take care of my needs,” I clarified, wishing I hadn’t brought up the subject as flashes of last night with Tony played through my mind.

“A fuck buddy?” He laughed. “You’re telling me you have a fuck buddy?”

Irritation raged through me like wildfire. The laugh was degrading and I couldn’t decide whether it was because I had a fuck buddy, or because he found the idea that I could have a fuck buddy so hilarious. Either way, he was pissing me off. “I’m telling you that who I fuck is none of your business.”

His expression cooled instantly. As if someone flipped a switch, all of his previous humor wiped away. “Exactly.”

If only it were possible for eyes to wage war…

Silently Broken (#3)


Zane Tishler has never been the All-American picture of happiness. Every time he seems to get his feet under him, someone or something has to rip away his chances at healing. His girlfriend and son are missing after a devastating fire that left the home they shared in ruins, along with his life. How long can someone cling to hope without the two most important people in their life?

Liliosa Cortez has always been a runner. It’s how she’s survived for as long as she has. But, there comes a point when you just can’t run anymore. Lost in a world darker than she ever could’ve imagined, she has to figure out how to live with the choices she’s made — in her past and now. She has to act fast if she’s going to save the people she loves. That’s what matters. Even more than her own life.

Zane and Lili were finally finding their very own happily ever after when tragedy struck. What happened the day of the fire? Where are Lili and Conner? How can Zane and their family deal with this deep of a loss?

What happens when your world is turned upside down and guilt eats at you during every waking moment?

What do you do when all hope fades and leaves you Silently Broken?

Pre-Order Link:

Author Info:

Maegan despises writing about herself in the third person. She also hates touting her accomplishments like she thinks she’s really done anything special…

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll tell you what you need to know. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went back to school in my late twenties and studied Stage Production Technology. I now work full-time in the alterations shop of a major department store and part-time backstage in the various theatres around the area.

I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age and the top goal on my list of things to accomplish in my life was to write and publish a book. During the summer of 2013, while working backstage on The Lion King, I read eleven books in four weeks. I read my first New Adult book and was introduced to a genre I felt I could totally relate to. The idea for Perfectly Broken and the character of Lili was born backstage during that time.

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Monday, 17 August 2015

Accidentally Still Married by Carmen Falcone - On Sale Book Blitz & Giveaway!

From August 17th till August 21st Carmen Falcone has the Naked Truth novella, Accidentally Still Married on sale for FREE! Take advantage of this great sale before the next novel in the series, Accidentally Seduced comes out on August 25th! Accidentally Still Married is the novella that takes place between Accidentally Hooked and Accidentally Seduced!

To learn more about Carmen Falcone and her books check out her website


Grace King needs to save her catering business by all means necessary. Even if it means striking a deal with the hot estranged husband she walked out on, but can’t forget despite her best efforts.

Sebastian Zwane is baffled to discover he’s still legally bound to the woman who broke his heart. With a booming career and new offices to open, the last thing he needs is a scandal and for her to demand half of the empire he built after their separation.

The bargain that will get them both what they want is put to the test by their sizzling attraction–stronger than ever, in spite of their rocky past. When the deal is over, will they be able to walk away from each other?

Add ACCIDENTALLY STILL MARRIED  to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

On Sale in Digital Now:

Author Bio:
Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps bragging about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line @ For more info, visit her website:

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