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Breathe and Release by Katherine Hayton - Book Blitz


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Elisabet wakes with amnesia. The care offered to her by a husband she doesn’t remember descends within weeks into aggression and violence. Lillian lies hogtied in an underground cell. Forget about escape; unless she can manage the necessities of life she’ll be dead within days. Kristen lost her house, her friends, and her confidence when her parents separated. Now her injured stepmother has moved back in. Has she lost her memory, or lost her mind? Will the secrets hidden in Elisabet's locked memory be enough to set them all free?  

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Elisabet woke for the first time one morning. An odd occurrence given she was an adult woman; but while she knew that, she didn’t know much else. She had no memories. There was a lot of knowledge in her head, untethered, but there were no memories to accompany it except for those she’d formed since waking. They’d been uniformly bad. Her head hurt. Her legs hurt. Her back ached, and she couldn’t rotate her right shoulder at all. She insisted that the pretty blond nurse who was tending to her bring a mirror so she could waylay her first horrified thought, that she was old. She wasn’t, but that was the end of the good news.


He shot her a look and Kristen moved farther down the wall, away from him. Elisabet raised her eyebrows and studied the two of them. Kristen was scared of him, or nervous at any rate. Elisabet wondered if she should be nervous, too. There was no harm in being careful. Kristen pulled her phone out and started playing with it. ‘You can’t use that in here,’ Graeme said. ‘It mucks up the machines.’ ‘That’s a load of rubbish,’ she responded. ‘They only leave those signs up because they want to control their patients. Anyway, she’s not even hooked up to anything,’ she said, the disappointment clear in her voice. ‘She’s the cat’s mother,’ Elisabet chimed in as the old phrase entered her head. They both stared at her. She had nothing more to add. ‘Take it outside if you’re going to use it,’ Graeme continued. ‘We don’t need to get kicked out; we just arrived.’ ‘Whatever,’ Kristen said, but left the room. Elisabet could hear her clomp down the hallway. The linoleum did nothing to disguise any sounds of movement. It was chosen for ease of cleaning, not for sound dilution. ‘So,’ Graeme said as he turned and stretched his legs out on the bed beside Elisabet. ‘Just the two of us.’ She didn’t know why that phrase should send a shiver of fear down her spine, but it did.


Lillian couldn’t see. She tried to move her hands and feel her face; it felt like there was something obstructing it. She couldn’t. Her arms were tied behind her back. When Lillian made the connection she sat bolt upright. Her shoulders had a dull ache from where they were pulled unnaturally backwards. When she tried to lift one then the other the ache intensified. ‘Hello?’ She called out. Loud, but not so loud the neighbours would complain. ‘Hello, is anyone there?’ For a second she thought that maybe Greg had put her in this position. Once, a few years back, they’d talked about role-play and BDSM. They’d even talked about a threesome. When Lillian sobered up she’d put the kibosh on that quickly enough, but maybe her headache was from a hangover and she’d agreed to something a bit weird? ‘Greg?’


Katherine Hayton is a 42 year old woman who works in insurance, doesn't have children or pets, can't drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and currently resides two minutes’ walk from where she was born. For some reason she's developed a rich fantasy life. Enjoy.





Or visit her website:

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Accidentally Seduced by Carmen Falcone - Release Day Celebration! & Giveaway!

A spy, a thief and a CEO…Be Accidentally Seduced 
Carmen Falcone!

Coming August 25th is the third novel in the Naked Truth series, Accidentally Seduced from Carmen Falcone! Read about a man trying to become the CEO, a assistant who is really spying on her boss and both are trying to stay ahead of a thief determined to rob the company blind.


Devon Wilder wants to leave the scandal involving his name behind and focus on the race for the CEO title. Yet, his sexy assistant is an unexpected and dangerous liability—especially after he suspects she could be the one stealing money from the company.
Elena Moretti’s libido was comatose until Devon strode into her life. Ever since the end of a troubled marriage, she never wanted any man the way she does him. Unfortunately for her, Devon is also the man she’s been hired to spy on and find evidence to prove he’s embezzling and dragging Wilder & Co.’s name through the mud.
As the hunt for the real thief advances, they need to figure out if they’ll cling to old fears or throw themselves at the new, tempting opportunities—and each other.

 On Sale in Digital: August 25, 2015
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Excerpt from Accidentally Seduced
Showing up at Smolder, after work, without texting Devon, was a bad idea. Elena cemented her insecurity the minute a couple of tall women with fiery red hair strode into the club the same time as she. Everyone seemed to be way cool and too hip. She touched her fifties-style black dress—tight on top, with a flowing skirt down to her knees, and reached for her chunky pearl necklace. I look like a vintage Stepford wife.
Ugh. Why had she changed her mind? Going far from her comfort zone was one thing. Visiting his second place of work carved a pitiful hole between them. She leaned across from the bartender, and waved at the bald chick with purple lipstick and dark clothes. “Red wine, please.”
The bartender nodded, and turned around to get the bottle. Some alcohol had to loosen her violin string-tight nerves. Right? She lifted her hands and fiddled with the pearls, and wondered if taking them off wouldn’t be a better choice. Ah. Might as well own it.
Her gaze zapped from the bar area to the dance floor. It was strangely intimate. The nightclub had a theater-like feel, with special VIP boxes that overlooked the dance floor like old-fashioned terraces, and several antique chandeliers dropping from the ceiling. Gorgeous GoGo girls dangling on trapezes and the ultramodern music—a tattooed DJ worked the tunes in a higher box—gave the place an edge.
A lot of the women could be models, and probably were, with their slinky bodies and sophisticated get-ups.
“Here,” the bartender said, and she turned to grab the drink.
She sipped the wine a tad too quickly. Was it too late to go home? No. Besides, her pragmatic side warned, she was checking out the club. Matthew had hinted Devon could be stealing from the company because of the other clubs he was about to open, but a glance at her surroundings was all she needed. Why would he need to embezzle money? This club was in full swing, and given the classy décor and overpriced drinks, she doubted Smolder was on its last legs.
She eyed Devon, before she was prepared. He was talking to a couple of gorgeous brunettes. Her heart raced. She lifted her shoulders, and finished the remains of her drink.
“Another.” She pointed her head in the direction of the glass to the bartender. “Please.”
The woman smiled and turned around to get the bottle.
Damn it. Of course he flirted with other women. The man had an open relationship before her, and what guarantee did she have he wasn’t planning on screwing any of them tonight? She had told him she wouldn’t come. Besides, they didn’t have anything concrete. Anything lasting.
Do you want to? No. Of course not. If she hadn’t been able to handle a man like Timothy, crazy and sick as he was, how about a man like Devon? He oozed sexiness. And trouble. Especially trouble.
She gave herself a mental slap on the forehead, and searched for him again. Her pulse spiked. Across from her, a few inches from the entrance to the VIP area, he still talked to the two women, and nodded. She zoomed on his face. No smile. A stupid part of her rejoiced. The women leaned forward, one of them laughing while the other batted her eyelashes. He shook his head and said something, then walked away from them. Well, if body language was anything to go by, he wasn’t interested in a threesome. Phew.
Stupid. Stupid, stupid. He also wasn’t interested in a long-term commitment. And neither was she—not with him. She longed to find someone for a meaningful relationship, and should be thankful Devon was giving her good sexual memories to cling to for the near future. Sex. Good. Hot. Sex.
His gaze found hers, and she shifted on her seat. While he erased the distance between them with long, graceful strides, she parted her mouth. All of a sudden, it was like she had a freaking cold. Air restricted in her lungs, she had to clear her throat. Twice.
“Look who’s here.”
“I… I was in the neighborhood.”
He threw his head back, and laughed. “That’s right. You were in the neighborhood,” he said, a silver spark in his eyes mocking her. “And no vagina dress?”
“A pity, I know.” Her lips broke into a smile, and she lifted her hand to her neckline. She was burning. “I changed my mind. Wanted to see how you can do this. Work all hours.”
“This is pleasure.”
She frowned. “How so?”
“I have a great team, they make it easy for me.”
“Yes. I noticed that besides the bouncers, they are all women,” she said, and wished she had a freaking filter. She coughed. “Which is nice. Great.”
He gave out his hand. “Wanna dance?”
“Oh, I’m not really the best dancer,” she said, and made a face she doubted came anywhere close to sexy. God. What was wrong with her? She had been out of the dating pool for too long. Now…now was the time to freaking change that. Live it up. Go girl.
“I’m not asking you to be Julliard material. You can move your hips, right?”

Author Bio: 

Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps bragging about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line @ For more info, visit her website:

Connect with Carmen:  Website   Facebook   Twitter   Goodreads   Pinterest   Instagram

               Check out the other books in the Naked Truth series!

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The Architect by C.A. Bell - Release Blitz

Out Now! The Architect by C.A. Bell

Book Description:

A one night stand? Not if you arrange to have another.

When Ruth Watson finally decides to break her depressive state of singleness and get back out on the social scene, the last thing she expects to happen is meet Mr Right and share a moment of passion in the middle of the buzzing city… But she does.

After meeting Heath Berkley on her first venture out after two years of hermit like existence, Ruth’s life suddenly becomes exciting for the first time. As their meetings become more frequent, and their love affair blossoms, a common interest between the pair is found.

Agreeing to explore their unveiled kinkier sides while Heath is in town on business, Ruth finds herself rapidly slipping under his spell and craving more of him.

But when their journey into the darker side introduces them to George Randall, things take a sinister turn, and when his true identity is revealed, Ruth has a hunger for revenge.

Knowing there is only one place she wants to be, Ruth follows Heath’s disciplinary hand to the Highlands of Scotland, in hope that his healing arms will squeeze the pain and devious thoughts away. At least until she has to return to London.

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As the night progresses, and the tender does as instructed, I find myself becoming tipsy and more confident as I gaze at the stubble-chinned guy with the great suit, and occasionally try to catch his eye. But no such luck.

Turning my back to him and giving myself a telling off for being so desperate, I notice that the club has grown busier. With the ever-increasing number of bodies giving off their warmth, the bar suddenly becomes unbearably hot. I shrug my shoulders high and shake my jacket down, imprisoning it between my back and the bars on the top of the stool. Then, tossing my long hair to one side and exposing my bare neck and shoulder, I sit and watch a couple that have just got up to dance. Their casual swaying soon turns suggestive, and I keep my eyes glued on them as I blindly reach out for my glass, grasp it, and place it on my lap.

“Can I buy you a drink?” A warm hand rests on my naked shoulder.

Turning to see that it’s the dish I have been ogling all night, I nervously bite my lip and murmur an indecisive, “Umm.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer,” he says with a smile across his angelic yet troubled face.

My lips curl mischievously. “Well, in that case, I suppose I’ll have to say yes.”

He lifts his hand to the barman and says, “Another for the lady, and I’ll join her,” before walking behind me and creating a breeze that causes goose bumps to rise on the back of my neck.

With my eyes anchored on him as he straddles the stool beside me and hands the tender a crisp note, my thoughts become all sorts of inappropriate as I imagine what his fuck face might look like if I straddled him like he just did that stool.

My filthy thoughts are interrupted when our drinks are placed in front of us. My God, Ruth, stop it, you hussy.

I refocus my thoughts and thank him for the beverage as he pushes his hair back from his face. I admire his strong jaw line, and how he clenches it every now and again as though he is chewing over his next sentence.

“You’re welcome.” He smiles, holding out his big manly hand. “I’m Heath.”

I take it without hesitation. “I’m Ruth.” In my head it’s more like, ‘I’m yours’ as I rip his shirt off his back, and we have breathless frantic sex like they do in the Hollywood blockbusters. Jesus, what is the matter with me? I had no idea I was so frustrated.

Author Bio:

C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she and her husband married and made a home.

C.A.Bell is currently working on her second book to follow The Architect, and aspires to be a well-known full-time author.


Twitter @cbellAtrix09

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Broken Series - Cover Re-Reveal by Maegan Abel

Series: Broken series
Author: Maegan Abel
Release Dates: January 2014 – September 2015
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Perfectly Broken (#1)


Zane Tishler moved in with his brother after his nightmare divorce to find that his brother had taken in a “stray”, a punk chick with a bad attitude. Liliosa Cortez found a place to start over in a city built for hiding. But when her roommate’s brother moved in she pegged him for a pretty boy with enough baggage to fill a semi and major hostility toward women. But now, after two years, Lili and Zane have become best friends and the perfect “wingmen.” They’ve developed a system for tagging and bagging tourists. No strings attached. They are partners in crime who have managed to have the time of their lives in the City of Sin.

Life would be perfect if they could keep it this way, but a new player in the game makes both Lili and Zane face the feelings they had not been prepared to notice. What happens when dangerous shadows from a forgotten past find their way into the neon spotlights? What happens when the fuse is lit on all those emotions they have deeply buried?

Can they survive the explosion or will the backlash tear them and everyone they love apart?

When two pasts become one present in the searing Nevada heat…
When two realities collide under the lights of Vegas…
When two lives are threatened due to secrets and lies…

What do you do when you find out your perfect world is Perfectly Broken?

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Unforgivably Broken (#2)


Liliosa Cortez has spent years hiding from her past. Unfortunately, no one can hide forever. Now, she’s forced to admit her mistakes and make a decision. Does she let those around her in to help, or go at it alone? Conquer her demons head-on, or remain by Zane’s side while he fights his own?

Zane Tishler is a master at avoiding the difficult parts of his past. He learned early in life that charm will get you a long way in the world and deception is easier than hard truths. Sometimes, old habits die hard. When his past mistakes start making continuous reappearances, he is faced with some of the most crucial decisions he’s ever made.

It took a near-tragedy for Zane and Lili to admit their feelings for one another. If they could survive that explosion, wading through the debris left by the past should be a breeze, right?

When you have secrets, they can rip ragged holes in the ties that bind even the strongest relationships. When you know the secrets you keep make you a monster, one unworthy of love, you hold a power that can tear you apart from the inside... and take down those closest to you in the process.

What do you do when realize you’re Unforgivably Broken?

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Broken Holidays (#2.5)


Before Perfectly Broken, before a beautiful relationship can start, the bond that solidifies who Lili and Zane are together must form. Beginnings are always the first step in building something stunning, something undeniably perfect…

The first holiday…

Things are tense between Zane, Lili, and Tish. They’re all still adapting to living in the house, Zane’s divorce has just been finalized, and he’s pissed off at the world. A bright light, however, shines in his world of darkness. Will the person he's hated since their first meeting be the one to help him turn things around?

The second holiday…

One year later, we find a much more settled family. Zane and Lili are falling into a pattern, learning to trust and lean on one another, but one wrong move, just the tiniest of slips, could ruin what is finally feeling solid for the both of them.

The beginning of tradition…

New Year’s Eve brings a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again. Knowing your history, and where you come from, might be all that keeps you going when your whole world falls apart. 

The strength of the holidays, family, new beginnings, and acceptance, is how their broken pieces begin to glue themselves back together again, if only for a little while…

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“What the fuck was that tonight?” he asked. His voice was low and controlled but his grip on my arm told me he was still pissed.

“What was what?” I countered, tugging against his hand. I didn’t fight to break it, just to remind him that he had ahold of me. His fingers loosened, but he didn’t release me.

“You know what. You were being a fucking cockblocker for no reason. What the hell is up with you?” His tone, and the fact that he’d adapted this habit of talking to me like I was one of the guys, was really starting to wear on me. Add that to the fact that I’d gotten the second threat on my job because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and I’d had enough.

“All I did was point out the obvious. You’re the one who’s unconcerned with anything aside from how fast you can stick your dick in someone,” I replied, tugging against his grip again, this time wanting space. He released me, his eyes narrowing as he opened his mouth to speaking. I continued before he could, steamrolling over his protest. “Don’t even try to deny it. It’s the only reason you even go out. And honestly, it’s sad. A chick who I can only imagine you had to gag to even get it up made your night a success. Congratulations on that. Really. It’s quite an accomplishment to fuck someone who probably had the jizz of her last partner still drying on her panties. If she even bothered to wear any.”

Zane stared at me, eyebrows raised. “Finished?”

“Yup.” I lifted my chin.

“Have you ever tried it?” he asked, leaning against the wall.

“I ran back through our conversation in my head. “Tried what?”

“Casual sex,” he answered, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You’d be surprised by what I’ve tried,” I said, my tone arctic. He tilted his head, his expression questioning. “Don’t even think about asking.”

A slow grin spread across his face. “You can’t drop a bomb like that and expect me not to ask.”

“Just because I don’t flaunt it and fuck a different person every night doesn’t mean I don’t have ways to take care of my needs,” I clarified, wishing I hadn’t brought up the subject as flashes of last night with Tony played through my mind.

“A fuck buddy?” He laughed. “You’re telling me you have a fuck buddy?”

Irritation raged through me like wildfire. The laugh was degrading and I couldn’t decide whether it was because I had a fuck buddy, or because he found the idea that I could have a fuck buddy so hilarious. Either way, he was pissing me off. “I’m telling you that who I fuck is none of your business.”

His expression cooled instantly. As if someone flipped a switch, all of his previous humor wiped away. “Exactly.”

If only it were possible for eyes to wage war…

Silently Broken (#3)


Zane Tishler has never been the All-American picture of happiness. Every time he seems to get his feet under him, someone or something has to rip away his chances at healing. His girlfriend and son are missing after a devastating fire that left the home they shared in ruins, along with his life. How long can someone cling to hope without the two most important people in their life?

Liliosa Cortez has always been a runner. It’s how she’s survived for as long as she has. But, there comes a point when you just can’t run anymore. Lost in a world darker than she ever could’ve imagined, she has to figure out how to live with the choices she’s made — in her past and now. She has to act fast if she’s going to save the people she loves. That’s what matters. Even more than her own life.

Zane and Lili were finally finding their very own happily ever after when tragedy struck. What happened the day of the fire? Where are Lili and Conner? How can Zane and their family deal with this deep of a loss?

What happens when your world is turned upside down and guilt eats at you during every waking moment?

What do you do when all hope fades and leaves you Silently Broken?

Pre-Order Link:

Author Info:

Maegan despises writing about herself in the third person. She also hates touting her accomplishments like she thinks she’s really done anything special…

Now that we got that out of the way, I’ll tell you what you need to know. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I went back to school in my late twenties and studied Stage Production Technology. I now work full-time in the alterations shop of a major department store and part-time backstage in the various theatres around the area.

I’ve been an avid reader from a very young age and the top goal on my list of things to accomplish in my life was to write and publish a book. During the summer of 2013, while working backstage on The Lion King, I read eleven books in four weeks. I read my first New Adult book and was introduced to a genre I felt I could totally relate to. The idea for Perfectly Broken and the character of Lili was born backstage during that time.

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Accidentally Still Married by Carmen Falcone - On Sale Book Blitz & Giveaway!

From August 17th till August 21st Carmen Falcone has the Naked Truth novella, Accidentally Still Married on sale for FREE! Take advantage of this great sale before the next novel in the series, Accidentally Seduced comes out on August 25th! Accidentally Still Married is the novella that takes place between Accidentally Hooked and Accidentally Seduced!

To learn more about Carmen Falcone and her books check out her website


Grace King needs to save her catering business by all means necessary. Even if it means striking a deal with the hot estranged husband she walked out on, but can’t forget despite her best efforts.

Sebastian Zwane is baffled to discover he’s still legally bound to the woman who broke his heart. With a booming career and new offices to open, the last thing he needs is a scandal and for her to demand half of the empire he built after their separation.

The bargain that will get them both what they want is put to the test by their sizzling attraction–stronger than ever, in spite of their rocky past. When the deal is over, will they be able to walk away from each other?

Add ACCIDENTALLY STILL MARRIED  to your TBR pile on Goodreads!

On Sale in Digital Now:

Author Bio:
Carmen Falcone learned at an early age that fantasizing about fictional characters beats doing math homework any day. Brazilian by birth and traveler by nature, she moved to Central Texas after college and met her broody Swiss husband—living proof that opposites attract. She found in writing her deepest passion and the best excuse to avoid the healthy lifestyle everyone keeps bragging about. When she’s not lost in the world of romance, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, being walked by her three crazy pugs, reading, catching up with friends, and chatting with random people in the checkout line.

She loves to procrastinate, so please indulge her and drop her a line @ For more info, visit her website:

Connect with Carmen

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Red Tape Protector by Kathy Kulig - Book Blitz & Giveaway!

Red Tape Protector: Book 2 in the FLC Case Files series 
by Kathy Kulig

Book Description:

When a member of a top-secret White House society makes a critical mistake, she’s not fired, she’s given a new assignment—a trainee as an undercover security agent and assassin. Sexy, Black-ops agent must prepare her for the dangerous mission. Sometimes you can’t run away…from love or danger…

Read Excerpt:

After fifteen minutes of buzzing the nurse, Alana gave up and swung open the door. Jag stood there alone, blocking her way. “Yes, ma’am?”

Alana looked up at fierce blue eyes and a deep-set brow. Jag usually worked nights with one other guard. “Where’s your partner?” She glanced down the empty hallway. No patients or hospital personnel. Normally she heard carts rolling up and down the halls and voices of nurses, doctors and cleaning people at all hours of the night.

It was too quiet. Where was everyone? It was almost seven thirty and all the nurses should have returned from their breaks. The hackles rose on the back of her neck. After the car bomb and Zoe’s abduction, she’d become overly paranoid. Would she ever be able to live without looking over her shoulder? Now that they were letting her go, she hated to sit around. If it wasn’t for the stash of cash she had hidden in her apartment—and hoped was still there—she’d try to leave town tonight. She didn’t need to waste Julia’s time by waiting for the forty-eight hours. She’d made her decision.

She bit her lower lip and a rolling sensation swept the pit of her stomach. “I need to see my nurse. She’s not answering the buzzer.”

He frowned. “Are you in pain?” His tone changed. Softer. Was he concerned?

“No, I need a bath, and I want to remove the bandages.”

One side of his mouth quirked into a grin. “Can’t you take a bath by yourself?”

“I can, but I need supplies so I can change the dressings.” She touched the gauze on her left arm. “And I want a bath. My room only has a shower. They’ve let me use one of the empty rooms down the hall.” It was also closer to the back stairs. If they left her alone for a few minutes, she might have enough time to get away.

He frowned. “I’ll send her as soon as she gets back from her rounds.”

She stepped into the hall and he blocked her from going farther. “Honestly, I could ask someone at the desk myself. I just need a few things.”

“It’s against orders for you to leave your room.” He pressed his lips together. He wasn’t 
amused. “You work for the White House, Ms. MacKenna. You know what it means to follow orders.”

“I do.” She winced at that because not following orders was what had gotten her into trouble in the first place. Did he know? “But I have left my room when they’ve given me the luxury of a hot bath. Besides that, they’re letting me leave tomorrow. I don’t think I need a guard anymore.”

“I haven’t been given a change in orders,” he argued.

Alana huffed. “I used to be a nurse and I know how to care for wounds. I could get the supplies myself from their supply shelves.”

He shook his head. “It’s for your safety. They don’t want you to leave this room.”

She studied him for a minute. “You’re not like the other guards, the ones who work days. I don’t know what it is. Are you secret service?” Alana raised her chin, trying a different approach, but it did little to help her confidence. Without heels, she was five-foot-ten and still looked short compared to this guy. He was muscular, but lean, like a cross between a weightlifter and marathon runner.

“How am I different?” He raised one eyebrow, perhaps amused by her observation.
“I don’t know. The others are obvious secret service in their black suits and coiled earpieces. So cliché.”

He glanced down at his outfit, the same as the others, then pointed to the same earpiece. “What’s different?”

“You don’t belong in the suit. You don’t look comfortable. I imagine you in camouflage, combat boots and hoisting an enormously heavy automatic weapon like in one of those military thrillers.”

He smiled and let out a grunt of a laugh. The man could smile. “You have good observational skills. I used to be in the military. But from what I hear, you could work on your sound judgment.” He tapped a finger on the bandage on her arm.

“Funny,” she said. “And who told you about me? What did they tell you?”

His pleasant manner suddenly froze to the original stone-set, unemotional state. “I’ll ask for your nurse to come to your room. Wait inside.” He pointed to the center of the room as a signal for her to move so he could close the door.

Alana planted her feet in the doorway. She wanted out of this place so badly she could taste it. It was Friday night and Liam would probably be at Paradise Underground. She doubted they’d let her in with the clothes Julia had left her. They required proper attire. And it was a little late to go shopping for fetish wear. She didn’t have much cash on her either. “I’ll wait here. I’m bored, the walls are closing in. Why don’t you tell me what your real name is and where you’re from? Is Jag a nickname?” She glanced down the hall, looking for Beth, her nurse, or another nurse or aide. No one was in sight.

“Jagger Denison. I’m from North Carolina.” Dark amusement glimmered in his steel-blue eyes.

At the club, she could read men, knew if they were dominant or submissive, could tell if they were experienced or virgins to the lifestyle. She could also tell if they were lying. This guy she couldn’t read. No emotion. Was he this cold in bed too? “You prefer Jag?” She smiled.

He nodded. Power and authority radiated through him. His gaze swept her room, scanning for what? Hidden dangers? Then he returned his focus back to her.

She checked the time. Seven-thirty. It was going to be a long night. “I’ll start my bath. If you like, you’re welcome to watch.” She hoped she could embarrass him into giving her a few minutes alone. A few minutes were all she needed.

An eyebrow rose. “She won’t be long. You’re not her only patient.”

I bet I’m the only one with twenty-four-hour guards.

Reviews for Red tape, book 1:

“This was such a different take on BDSM romance! It had a bit of everything, suspense, intrigue, romance and hot steamy sex scenes. I would love for this to be a TV show! It reminds me of Scandal with a BDSM element. The characters are strong and likable, the plot will have you wondering what's next and the sex will have you blushing. The story has a wonderful build up to a fast paced ending that suits the main characters well. If you are looking for suspense with a bit of a twist, this is your book!” ~Amazon reviewer

“I definitely enjoyed Red Tape, Zoe was a strong, self-sufficient agent and the suspense element was great especially the ending. It was suspense with a touch of National Treasure (the movie)bits with a side of BDSM.” ~Goodreads reviewer.

“HOLY HOTNESS BDSM.  Wow, can't wait for more of this political BDSM series. It is a really fun premise, First Lady BDSM for freedom.  OMG…” ~Blogger reviewer.

“Loved this one! It maybe my favorite of the set. So much going on and so much to lose. I really loved this set up for a book. BDSM, suspense, behind the scenes of the White House, and so much more. A great read. Love Zoe and Jason. The past they have together only adds to the current mission. Who doesn't love a book with secret missions that are about sex? Great plot and one I will read over and over again!” ~ Amazon reviewer

The FLC Case Files series are Steamy Romantic Suspense romances with some BDSM elements.

#3 RED TAPE BETRAYAL – Coming soon

About Kathy Kulig

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Kathy Kulig is a writer, a science geek, a part time health food nut, an occasional cat sitter, and an adventure movie junkie. She lives in a 100-year-old Victorian house with her amazingly support hubby who is also a geek and shares her love of traveling. Kathy writes sexy paranormal, contemporary and suspense. Her books can be dark and edgy, passionate and erotically-charged, but there’s always a steamy romance and a happy ending.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Come Undone Book Blitz

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Once upon a time in the 80s there was a band, whose members stole the hearts of many a young girl. With their guyliner, unique fashion and music that struck through the heart, Duran Duran changed how we hear and see music. Today nine hot romance authors bring you stories inspired by their music. New Moon on Monday by Kim Carmichael Though she wants to experience the world and write poems, Luna Morrow conforms rather than allow her creativity to soar. Pampered, passionate, fashion designer Owen “Blake” Blakeney finds his muse the moment he spots a gorgeous, alternative waitress at the Club New Moon. After a wanton tryst in the back room of the club, Luna disappears. With his sights set on finding Luna, he sets out on a quest, to locate his mystery girl, and convince her to walk in his fashion show, though he never expected her to walk into his heart. Ordinary World by Solera Winters After a chance encounter at a coffee shop, an accident leaves employment agent Tessa Toussaint in a coma, while techie Yancy Howard finds his dreams filled with this fascinating woman. As the clock ticks on Tessa’s condition, Yancy falls deeper for the woman in his dreams. Hungry Like the Wolf by Louisa Bacio Janie never imagined her deepest fantasies coming true. She’d been flirting with the hot DJ at an ’80s club, but taking the interaction to another level seemed impossible. Until she runs into Tyler, her high school boyfriend, on the dance floor, and he makes all the right moves. Before the Rain by Kerry Adrienne The war is over, but the rain continues, day and night. The rebel faction, Verity, enlists Maddox to safely guide assassin Allana, out of the city. No problem. He’ll escort her, get paid, and return to his life. But the more he learns about the mysterious and beautiful assassin, the more she intrigues him. With the world falling apart around them, they must decide if they can trust each other despite the deceptions they face. If they can’t, they’ll die. Wild Boys by C. Margery Kempe It’s the end of the world and Digger’s trapped in a prison with some very wild boys. He loves the charismatic Joey, but he’s too busy fighting to be leader to notice. What are the odds they’ll all kill one another before they can escape? Love Voodoo by Alyssa Breck After a chance tarot card reading in a New Orleans voodoo shop, vampire Luca is intrigued by Collette, an alluring woman with uncanny intuition. Getting intimately involved with a human is the last thing Luca has in mind, but Collette wins his trust and their friendship grows into something deeper. When Luca’s clan learns that he has asked Collette to perform a spell against his psychotic sire, a deadly chain of events unravels that will change their lives. Union of the Snake by KC Burn After his fellow human colonists were enslaved by the Hilruda, Zerek, smuggler extraordinaire, made pissing off the alien oppressors both a career and a calling. When Essian, a sexy clan leader of the planet’s third species, needs Zerek’s help to fulfill a prophecy, the temptation of taking down the Hilruda is too good to pass up. Falling for Essian is not part of the plan. Girls on Film by Linnea Alexis After years of trying to break into mainstream movies, adult film actress Sophie Greene lands a role in a major motion picture. But not everyone is celebrating her good fortune. Her lover, Greg Vega, wants her to quit films entirely. And when a stalker emerges and begins sabotaging her career move, things get downright dangerous. Rio by Sabrina Sol When workaholic CFO Chase Simon is forced to take a tropical vacation, he sure as hell doesn’t expect to enjoy it. But when he finds out that he’ll be spending the next seven days with Rio, a sexy celebrity dancer from his past, his doubts begin to fade. Will life in the real world ever be the same for Chase again after discovering paradise in Rio’s arms?

Playlist for Come Undone

NEW MOON ON MONDAY - Kim Carmichael The passion takes place at the New Moon on Monday ORDINARY WORLD - Solera Winters A man dreams of an extraordinary love hoping his dreams can survive in an ordinary world. HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF - Louisa Bacio Only music and passion can satisfy her hunger for the past. BEFORE THE RAIN - Kerry Adrienne Love wasn’t as complicated before the rain. WILD BOYS - C. Margery Kempe Even at the end of the world, no prison can hold these wild boys! LOVE VOODOO - Alyssa Breck Not even the immortal are immune to the voodoo of love. UNION OF THE SNAKE - KC Burn Find redemption in the Union of the Snake. GIRLS ON FILM - Linnea Alexis Some people can't tell the difference between real life and reel life. RIO - Sabrina Sol He never expected to find paradise in the arms of Rio.



New Moon on Monday by Kim Carmichael

She grabbed her bag and made her way toward the door. A low laugh escaped his throat. Though she willed herself to keep going, some unknown force within her caused her to stop right beside him. “Now you’re laughing at me?” “Never.” He shook his head. “I was only admiring how delightfully small in stature you are without your heels.” Delightful and her mixed as well as mayonnaise and red wine, or in her case a designer and a waitress. “Don’t you designer types like them long and lanky?” “I believe a woman is meant to have curves. Clothes should caress the body, make the wearer feel as if they are being made love to. They should enhance what is already there, but they should never let anyone feel as if they don’t fit.” He leaned down to her ear. “Hear my words, always believe them…you are gorgeous.” Maybe it was his cologne, or the way his breath brushed against her ear, or just the sheer fact every woman wanted to hear those words. Maybe she wanted to look at him one more time. Maybe it was something completely different, but she turned and his lips swept over hers. His wasn’t the kiss of some creeper. A man who dug right in with all tongue and mouth and no build up. Rather, his was the kiss of someone who knew how to kiss, how to take things slowly, and let the act grow on its own. Before she consciously realized it, she found herself responding. Her body heated and her moan vibrated through her. By the time he opened his mouth, she craved his taste and deepened the kiss on her own. As if thinking with one mind, the moment their tongues connected, they grabbed each other. He pulled her in tight against him, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. She couldn’t remember the last time she had truly been kissed, kissed well and by someone who seemed to need the contact as much as she. “Gorgeous.” He growled the word and tilted his head, giving her another kiss, this one hard and demanding. “Sexy.” He slid his lips down to her neck and cupped her breast in his hand. “Magnificent.” Once more he found her mouth. Her body flooded with a need she’d suppressed for far too long. As he caressed her every curve, she took him in as well, running her hands down the muscles in his back and over his stomach. The man was built, the ideal combination of lean and strong. A haze of lust clouded out her good sense, her mind, even reality. All that existed were the two of them, their hands, their mouths and the thrilling sensations igniting her body on fire. Acting on instinct, she grazed her palm over the massive bulge in the front of his expensive woolen pants and her mouth watered. If his kisses were any indication, he would be an extremely satisfying lover.


Ordinary World by Solera Winters

"Do you play as hard as you work?" She ran a hand along the desk. "Sometimes, though I admit, work has taken first place for a while now." Slow down, he reminded himself. He longed to tell her he wanted her to change that aspect of his life. Too soon. What happened to barnstorming the unknown? "Uh--" "Me too, on the work, but I totally want to change that. Calling in today is a first step, maybe for both of us?" She kicked off her heels and moved toward the loveseat. Then in a similar action to what she used with Quark, she held her hand out and waited. He liked to think he was smarter than the dog. At least he moved faster. Entwining his fingers in hers, he sank beside her and drew her toward him. Careful to embrace the moment, he didn't crush her to him. He slid an arm around her shoulders and slipped a finger under her chin to position her mouth. Her nostrils flared just the slightest, and he accepted the invitation. The kiss started soft. He caressed her lips with his, moving over them, tasting the chocolate mixed with coffee and the undertones of distinct flavors belonging only to Tessa. Her mouth opened and he deepened the kiss, exploring her with his tongue. He massaged her neck before letting his hand lower to her breasts. His destination strained toward him, begging for his touch. Her little whimpers urged him to continue. Though they were still covered by her suit, he palmed her breasts, grazing over her nipples. Without further urging, she unbuttoned the jacket and guided his hand to her breasts. Coming up for breath, he leaned in to see the treasures she offered. Creamy skin peeked out from the wine colored bra. He pinched a nipple and then the other. The actions elicited a groan. Instead of using his particular talent for unhooking the bra with one hand, he nuzzled her neck, drawing little designs with his tongue over the place where her heartbeat pulsed. Her breathing sped up, definitely a good sign. "Hm. Yancy?" So filled with the sounds of her pleasure, he almost didn't recognize his name. "Yes?" His murmur didn't preclude his search for more of her fabulous responses. "Where's the bedroom?" The words came between shallow gasps for air. Again, rather than asking for clarification, he chose to go with the flow. “We have time.” When she went to remove the rest of her clothing, he stilled her hand. "Let me. I want to 'cherish your existence.'"

Passionate pair of young enamoured people

Hungry Like the Wolf by Louisa Bacio

The smooth vocals of the DJ segued from one song to the next. “Thanks all for coming out tonight,” he said, and the crowd roared. “And for those who really got the beat, I’m watching you.” Talk about teen crushes. DJ Knife had been popular since way back when. He used to host some of the first video shows on TV. His blonde hair hung long, covering one eye, and his accent drew in the listeners. Now, he wore it cropped short and he was making even more of a revival. If the teen girls used to chase him down, Janie wouldn’t put it past the women recapturing their youth. Hell, she wouldn’t toss him out of bed. Although the music was less loud in the VIP area, she caught the opening of the Go-Go’s, and she bounced her knee. One drink and a little bit of chatting, and she’d relaxed. The seam of Tyler’s body to hers stitched tighter, Tyler inched his hand up her thigh, and she watched him without stopping the forward advancement. She shifted a bit, letting her legs open, and he brushed his fingertips across her panties.  

Before the Rain by Kerry Adrienne

The pounding of boots on the wet pavement startled him and Maddox turned in time to see a squadron of Sentinels heading down the road, long gear and Lancers in hand. Headed right toward them. Tactically intelligent but emotionally brainless, the Confessor’s soldiers would shoot to kill, or worse, torture them. Maddox’s heart shrieked panic, but his brain went into overdrive. Think, man. Run? “Maddox!” Allana yanked his jacket. He turned to tell her to be quiet, but she wrapped her arms around his neck. Before he could take a breath to speak, she had pulled his head down and had her mouth pressed to his. Raindrops slipped down his forehead and slid down his nose, but he kept his lips to hers. The tromp, tromp of boots passing behind lulled him and for a moment, he forgot the danger and relished the sweet sensation that was Allana’s kiss. With the bulky cloak draped over her, he couldn’t get a good grip on her back so he held the wet folds of fabric tight. She was the perfect height for him to bend his head and meet her mouth with his own. She put her hands on his face and kissed him softly, though he knew if he could feel her heartbeat, it would be racing as hard as his. A dangerous kiss. Suddenly, the sound of boots faded and only the rain remained. “They’re gone.” Her eyes opened wide, a deep blue or maybe dusky purple in the dimly lit park. Raindrops settled on her lashes and she blinked them away. “Maddox?” He shook his head. Back to business. “That was a smart diversion.” He winked. She stared. “We’ve got to get to the rain sewer before we run across more Sentinels. This way.” He smirked and strode off. “They teach us how to handle anything,” she called from behind. “Bet they do.”


Wild Boys by C. Margery Kempe

“Huh.” Joey shook his head. “How did you manage to get that close without them noticing you?” Digger laughed a little, feeling foolish, but proud. “The vents.” “Vents?” Joey looked down at him. His face looked so handsome in the twilight, as if the dying light captured something golden within him. Digger swallowed. “The air vents. I’m small enough to fit in them, though I have to kind of wiggle backward to get back out again.” Joey smiled, his white teeth shining in the growing darkness. “That’s really clever! What made you think of that?” “Well, ah…” Digger was reluctant to say, but Joey seemed to guess anyway. “It’s not the first time you’ve done that.” “No, it’s not.” “I wonder what things you’ve seen from up there.” He was still smiling, but his voice was so quiet he was almost whispering. “It’s fun to be a voyeur sometimes.” Digger didn’t know what to say. He was even more surprised when Joey laid a large hand on his thigh and let it rest there. The warmth of his palm scorched Digger’s leg, Love Voodoo by Alyssa Breck Collette lit the cigarette and puffed hard. “I didn’t know you smoked,” Luca said. “I can usually smell it on people.” “I don’t really. I only smoke when I drink. And they’re cloves, so not like regular cigarettes.” She exhaled the smoke toward the sky. “They make your lips taste sweet.” “Is that so?” “Yes.” She leaned her back against the brick wall and licked her bottom lip. “Wanna taste?” He smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Sure. Why not?” She took another drag off the cigarette and, before she could blow it out, Luca moved in close, covered her mouth with his and inhaled. She let the smoke go and he breathed it in. Luca let it come out through his nose, then licked her lip. “Mmm. Does taste sweet.” He gripped her hip with one hand and kissed her. “I bet that’s not all that tastes good.”


Union of the Snake by KC Burn

Zerek held up his hands in what he hoped was an unthreatening manner, but resolutely refused to step back. Last thing he wanted was to get bitten—Essian’s venom would undoubtedly be lethal—but he’d faced danger many times before. “Sorry. I just...don’t know how it works.” With an agitated tongue flicker, Essian spun around and Zerek pursed his lips. He’d had a chance to check out a fully naked Essian from the front, and fear of Essian’s anger meant he’d missed it. Of all the mud sucking luck. The creek burbled happily, while Zerek waited for Essian to say something. “I am sorry too. I shouldn’t have gotten angry over an innocent question. I meant that my son doesn’t have the temperament or desire to lead. Forcing him into that role will only make everyone unhappy. Siblings, if they exist, often become part of the circle of clan leader’s advisors. Leadership does not always fall to the eldest.” “Two kids, that’s a good number.” Like Zerek knew. In the encampments, more kids meant more hands to help with work, but meant more mouths to feed as well. He had no idea what a good number was for anyone, much less a clan leader. “I have eight children. Another way in which I differed from my father. He was barely fertile.” Aside from knowing Essian had a whole litter of kids and proved fertile, there was something odd about his words, but Zerek sensed pushing wouldn’t get him anything. He also wanted to know if the mother of his children was a true mate he’d heard stories about. Like the prophecy and the seers, Zerek didn’t believe in the concept of a true mate, but he knew the Kadrussians did. Marriages and procreation happened in their absence, though, so Zerek assumed the concept was some sort of delusion on the part of love-sick people. Imagining Essian with his true mate was like having hundreds of splinters in his skin, so he turned his thoughts toward the challenges of the following day while he finished washing. Tomorrow, they’d face the first place where Zerek’s skills would truly be useful. Unlike Essian, he pulled on his underclothes while he was still damp. Past experience taught him they’d dry quickly enough, and he needed something to hide behind. Being naked with a man he desired, who didn’t desire him back, made him feel more vulnerable than anything else in his life.

Girls on Film by Linnea Alexis

Carrying the bottle of Chardonnay, he returned to the living room. Sophie stood in front of the sofa, facing him. She held out her hand. “Dance with me.” He set the bottle on the coffee table, pulled her into an embrace, and they swayed to the music. He closed his eyes and pressed his growing arousal against her, allowing the music to carry him away to the first time they made love. Their second anniversary was coming up. Since Sophie, he hadn’t touched another woman. Didn’t have to. Didn’t want to. Sophie was all he wanted, or needed. “Greg?” “Hmmm,” he murmured, his face buried in her hair. When he inhaled her scent, he was home. “This is nice, isn’t it?” “The best.” Her voice—husky, barely audible—only added fuel to his passion. Her gray eyes, dark with desire, nearly brought him to his knees. A low, rumbling sound came from deep inside his chest. Her lips parted slightly. He bracketed her face with his hands and plundered her mouth, taking what she offered.  

Rio by Sabrina Sol

Of course she still wanted him. That’s why she was always so on edge whenever he was around. Her pride wouldn’t let her show him that she still thought about their one night together. So she had done everything to make him believe the opposite. She didn’t want to want him. Yet when he stroked the inside of her wrist with his thumb and moved his face closer to hers, her resolve to push him away nearly evaporated. Nearly. “You said it yourself. We’re too different. We don’t work well together,” she whispered and met his gaze head on. He pulled her against him fully, and she felt his growing arousal. “I was wrong. There’s one thing we both know that we do together pretty fucking well.” Chase whispered the last few words against her mouth. When she didn’t protest, he pushed in for a kiss. Warm, soft, and tentative. It was nice, but nothing she couldn’t walk away from. That is until his tongue swiped her bottom lip and jolted alive every sense, every nerve, making the rest of her resolve shatter in his arms. Sighing, she grabbed his shirt with both hands and kissed him back with fervor. His arms wrapped around her body, hugging her as if she might be carried away by the ocean breeze. Their kisses turned hard and demanding, almost punishing. As if each of them had a price to pay for withholding such pleasure for so long. “God, I almost forgot how good you taste. So fucking sweet, like cherry,” he mumbled in between kisses. “I want to taste you everywhere. Please tell me you’re going to let me?” The thought of him licking her somewhere else made her legs weak in anticipation. “Yes, yes I’ll let you.”

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