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Hard Proof (Notus Motorcycle Club #1) by Debra Kayn

Hard Proof (Notus Motorcycle Club #1) by Debra Kayn

Book Description:

Identical twin sisters move to St. John's, Oregon, buy Vavoom's Bar, and purposely put themselves into the path of Notus Motorcycle Club. 

Burdened by a deep, dark secret, Clara has to be careful because one wrong step, one wrong word, could land her and Gracie in prison. Her need to stay close to the motorcycle club members backfire when Wayne Shaw throws her heart into a tailspin. There is more to the possessive biker than she originally thought. Cornered and out of options, she can only go forward and hope Wayne protects her.

Wayne Shaw splits his time between working at Port Loaders, searching for missing persons in partnership with the local police department, and keeping Notus Motorcycle Club together in hopes a brother will come home. Skilled at finding clues normal people miss, he has no trouble telling the new owners of Vavoom's apart. He only wants Clara. 

When a little girl goes missing, followed by a teenager disappearing, Wayne's need to keep Clara safe while searching for a serial killer gets tested…until he's no longer sure who is the hunted and who is the hunter.

My Review:

Hard Proof by Debra Kayn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hard Proof (Notus Motorcycle Club #1) by Debra Kayn

This is the first time I've read a book written by Debra Kayn, her writing is really good, loved the story line, and the character development for future books has me intrigued to want to read the next book in this series.

First I will say it’s a bit different from the other Motorcycle Club books I've read, but only because their club consists of 5 close friends who grew up together and formed the Notus Motorcycle Club. The other big difference is this Club works on missing person case's and are called in by police if they need help.

The story line was exciting, kept me turning the pages to find out what was going to happen next, I like that there was some mystery and suspense involved in the story line. Rather than bad boy meets the nice girl romance novel. But in saying that the romance portion of the story was great, I enjoyed Clara and Wayne's story even if it had some deceit in it.

I definitely can't wait to read more in this series, I am hoping Grace finds some exciting romance with one of the other club members.

I have rated Hard Proof, 4 stars and would highly recommend anyone to pick up/download a copy for yourself.

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Debra Kayn is published by Grand Central Publishing, Simon & Schuster Publishing, Carina Press - Harlequin Enterprises Limited, and repped by agent, Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary Management. She has well over forty contemporary novels available worldwide where heroes and heroines come from the most unlikely characters.

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