Saturday, 22 October 2011

Someone Else's LifeSomeone Else's Life by Katie Dale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from NetGallery to read and review.

Katie Dale did an amazing job with this book, it is well written and her writing brings out true emotions for all the characters in this story. To me this is a sign of a great author.

So it begins with Rosie who's mother Trudies dies from Huntington's disease, reading Rosie struggles and her loses so she could take care of her mother, the affects of this disease on Rosies' life is heart wrenching.

Then Rosie finds out through her mom's best friend that Trudie was not her birth mother and that she was switch at birth. As Rosie embarks on her search to find her birth mother she finds more then she bargained for.

The story seems very real at times and you can imagine how this would affect other people lives and feelings. Then there were times when I was really disappointed in Rosie's actions and the decisions she made. It was like she forgot to think of how this would effects others and not in a good way. So not sure if it was the authors intent or not but at these points the story didn't feel as real as I first thought.

Even though there were a times when I was disappointed with the story I didn't put the book down. If anything I thing one of the main reasons a person should read this book is for the awareness of Huntington's disease.

I think Katie Dale did a great job shedding some light on the disease which I actually have never really heard of or just didn't pay attention to. There is no cure and it must be heart breaking on the families who have to watch their loved ones with this disease.

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