Monday, 9 April 2012

Deadly Pleasures Blog Tour

Book Description:

Megan Riley has bigger things to worry about than the fact that her neighbor has just been found dead.

Her engagement has just ended, and she is once again on a quest to find Mr. Right-or at least Mr. Right Now. Tired of emotional ties and ready for a new adventure, Megan and her three best friends make a fateful decision. They hire hunky stripper Michael Harrington as their timeshare boytoy-unaware he is the prime suspect in a series of gruesome murders. Suddenly, they find themselves involved in a complicated murder investigation led by a handsome detective who is focused only on finding the twisted serial killer before he strikes again. But who will be the next to die? Megan, the hardworking real estate agent; newly divorced Kathleen; Alex, married to a wealthy businessman; or Rachel, the spurned wife of a hot Hollywood screenwriter?

Following her own investigation, Megan takes a wild ride through L.A.'s bondage parlors, hidden sex clubs, and the extravagant lifestyles of the rich and famous; soon she discovers that her quest for adventure has abruptly transformed into a dangerous game of life and death.

My Review:

Mary Firmin debut novel is fantastic, the character development, plot and her writing draws you in and doesn’t let you go till you reach the end.  This is a great murder, mystery and romance novel and was so well written you don’t want to put it down.  I for one will be keeping my eye on anything Mary Firmin writes.

Megan Riley, the main character is struggling, she has addictions problems, struggling at work due to the bad economy and worse she has just ended her relationship.  Her girlfriends who are bored wealthy women are sick of their cheating husbands and decide to take matters in their own hands and hire a stripper named Michael Harrington to service their many needs.  Mean while women are being murdered and Detective Matt Donovan is on the case.   When Megan and Matt’s paths cross during the investigation you instantly feel the chemistry between these two.

This story is a fantastic read, you have murder, mystery and romance, and you get a glimpse into the darker side of things, blackmail, escort services, the bdsm lifestyle.  Mary Firmin’s writing is excellent, easy to follow and she throws a twist here and there just to throw the readers off.  I have rated this Deadly Pleasure’s 4 starts and cannot wait to read more of Mary’s work.

I recommend this novel to anyone who loves a great murder/mystery read.

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Mary Firmin was formerly vice president of a large real estate firm in Santa Monica. As a Yacht Club member and author of a society column, she has channeled her observations and experiences into her first novel. Mary resides in Rancho Mirage, California.