Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Macabre Masterpiece by Justin Bienvenue - Blog Tour

Have you ever wanted a tour of the infamous underground we know as Hell? To experience different angles of blood? To meet some of horrors most morbid and fearsome creatures? Or maybe you wish to get totally creeped out and be left in utter shock and suspense to the point where your heart is beating so fast but you can’t get enough!?

If this is you, then check out “The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore”
-Five chapters
-Fifty in-depth poems
-Gruesome tales

The best taste of horror and gore starts and ends here...

EXCERPT: The Spirit of the dead is near, they’ve asked me to bring you all here, I can see it in your eyes, you all look despaired..

The need for bloodshed is done in the back of the shed in the back of the head until the back is red..

Crouching in position posing in perfect posture, on the rooftop of a gothic cathedral sits a monster..

Tears of Blood
With anguish no thoughts and traits of despair
The shadows of sadness fill and plague the air
An unsettling feeling which cannot be escaped
As darkness takes over like a curtain which has been draped
No need to run and waste ones energy
Whatever is expected is not what’s expected to be
The taste of ash and smell of burning embers
Takes over and consumes until you can no longer remember
Why you feared what you feared in the first place
Time is now still no feelings of being chased
Just calmness and utter confusion
In the distance a figure, is it an illusion?
Suddenly it presents itself and you soon feel a flood
You’ve been scared out of your mind and now cry tears of blood

About Me:  My name is Justin Bienvenue. I am 24 years old and live in Attleboro, MA. I like to consider myself a creative thinker and brainstormer. I enjoy writing because it gives me a way to put my creative ideas into perspective and down on paper. I get inspiration from just about anything, whether it be real or fiction, I always try to do something innovative and different. Poetry is something I have enjoyed reading and writing for some time now. I find it to be a great way of self-expression, putting your feelings down and a sweet sounding piece of work with all of its rhythm and other literary devices. I decided to write a book because I wanted more people to read and appreciate my work and I believe it to be really good and worth being made into a book. Whether you like poetry, horror or just like to read all together I believe you will enjoy reading my book. It's got a little bit of everything and has a good mix of different types of the horror genre. My writing always has either meaning or takes the readers imagination into a whole new perspective. This is what I as a writer, creator and author try to do, this is why I write, to bring out expression and to make my work enjoyable not just for me, but for all who will enjoy and appreciate it as well.


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