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Integration (Bonfire Academy Book Two) by Imogen Rose Blog Tour

Bonfire Academy Book Two
By Imogen Rose

Broken. I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it. Torn. Shredded. Not that I could see anything. I wasn’t sure that I even had any eyeballs left. If I did, I couldn’t feel them. All I felt were excruciating stabs of pain searing through every inch of my body. Was the pain was coming from within or was I being repeatedly sliced open with a sharp implement? Did it matter? I could feel my head getting hazy. It was only a matter of seconds before my thoughts would end.


My name. I heard the same voice say my name again and again. Why? Who was it? It–he–sounded familiar. My stomach heaved as the voice triggered the memory of his face… his touch. Not being able to stop the bile from travelling up my throat, I choked and then purged, emptying my stomach completely.

His voice was laced with disgust as he muttered my name again. But his revulsion couldn’t compete with my utter repugnance and disbelief at what he had done. Him. Someone I had trusted with my life, even though the rule was clear. Trust No One.

My Review:

Integration (Bonfire Academy #2) by Imogen Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Integration is book two of the Bonfire Academy series; this is a fantastic series that should be read. I enjoyed the second book Integration as much as Initiation book one. Imogen Rose is one of my new favorite authors, her writing is excellent, story line flows well and the characters are great. I really enjoy Imogen writing and as soon as I was done reading Intergation I wanted to read the next book in this series.

In this book Cordelia is now working at Bonfire Academy as an apprentice for Professor Bern and continues to be a mentor to Faustine, of course there is someone trying to kill Faustine and Cordelia will spend every moment she can trying to figure out the mystery to make sure no harm comes to her. And to make matters worse she still hasn’t figured out what to do about Jagger and Quinn. Knowing she has to break up with Quinn is harder then she expected considering Quinn has all the sudden disappeared. Then to make matters worse Faustine loses control of her powers and ends in serious trouble.

Integration keeps you wondering who is really after Faustine, this story is full of suspense, a tad bit of romance and some unexpected things happen. I couldn’t stop reading Integration and as soon as I was done I really wanted to read book 3. I love this series and cannot wait to read more. Imogen Rose has proved to me that this is a series to be read. I have rated Integration 5 star rating and would recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal books. This series is full of mystery, suspense, some romance and great friendships. I hope if you’re reading this you will check out both books.

Interview with Imogen Rose:

1.  How would you describe Integration?

Integration is the sequel to Initiation, a story about an elite set of paranormals sent to an exclusive boarding school to hone their powers and to prepare to lead the rest of the paranormal world.

2.  Which character you had most fun writing?

I loved writing Cordelia. She has no rules, no moral restraints. It was fun exploring her persona.

3.  What was your main source of inspiration for the story?

It all started with Faustine, which was inspired by a photograph I took of my daughter. I used that same picture for the Faustine book cover. A lot of people wanted to know Faustine’s backstory after reading the book. Why were Faustine and Ryker so close, so fast? So I went back in time to explore that part of the story, but I was not interested in writing from a twelve-year-old’s point of view. So I decided to tell the story through one of the older students at the Academy.

4.  What should readers expect from Integration?

Integration is the follow-up to Initiation, the first book in the Bonfire Academy series. This book bridges the two years between Initiation and Faustine.

5.  What are your current projects?

I am currently working on the fifth book of the Portal Chronicles, Fusion. I am also having some of my books translated into German, Spanish, French, and Japanese, which is a new and exciting endeavor for me.

6.  Do you see writing as a career?

I do, and I am doing it as a career now, having given up my life as a scientist.

7.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

After I finished writing and publishing my first book, Portal, I wanted to keep writing the story and realized that it was something I’d love to do fulltime.

8.  As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Oddly, I wanted to be a race-car driver. :D

9.  Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I do. I have a great relationship with my readers and communicate with many of them on Facebook. I feel lucky to have such devoted and supportive readers, who are always encouraging me to get on and write the next book.

10.  Who designed the covers?

When I first started out, I designed my covers myself. So I did all the Portal Chronicles covers, even taking the pictures of the moon from my backyard. The Initiation cover was done by Najla Qamber who is an awesome artist, and the Integration cover was done by the wonderful Claudia at Phatpuppyart.

11.  What was the hardest part of writing your book?

The editing! It’s a long and gruesome, but necessary, process.

12.  Any last thoughts or words of wisdom you would like to share with the readers?

Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog. I hope you enjoy the books!

About the Author:

Imogen Rose is the author of the bestselling series, Portal Chronicles, which has attained cult status within indie literature and become a favorite among teens and adults alike. An immunologist by profession, Dr. Rose published her first work of fiction in 2010. She now writes full time and is currently working on her second teen series, Bonfire Chronicles. Imogen was born in Sweden and has lived in several places, counting London among her favorites. She moved to New Jersey in 2001. A self-confessed Hermès addict, Imogen freely admits to being obsessed with Kurt Cobain. She enjoys shopping, traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with her family, friends, and Chihuahua.

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  1. The cover caught my eye right away. It's lovely. I like that this story has suspense and unexpected happenings. It'll keep my interest.

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