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Traffic Jam by Melissa Groeling - Blog Tour

When you’re caught in traffic, you’ve got nowhere to go…

Val Delton’s life is spiraling and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Her dad lost his job, her mom works fourteen hour days to pay the bills and yet somehow there are high-end shopping bags and an iPod in her older sister’s room. Naturally, Val becomes suspicious but her sister’s lips are sealed. Then by accident, she uncovers a dark, dangerous secret hidden behind her sister’s bright smiles and cool indifference. Val has no idea how far and how deep the repercussions of her sister’s secret will reach but she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her family safe. Will she succeed before her sister’s secret destroys everyone she loves.

My Review:

Traffic Jam by Melissa Groeling
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given a copy of Traffic Jam as part of Melissa Groeling: Traffic Jam blog tour, not really knowing what to expect as I had never heard of the book or author, I will say that I am sure glad I said yes to the request. Melissa Groeling’s writing is very good, the story flows extremely well, it’s one of those books that you just don’t want to put down until you can figure out what is going on. As the story starts to unravel you start to feel for Val and hope she doesn’t get hurt along the way. This story is full of suspense, drama, secrets, and maybe a new relationship. I will say I couldn’t stop reading Traffic Jam, the story line, characters and everything about this story held my attention.

We meet Val, her family have gone through a lot lately, loss of her father’s job, then having to move into an apartment, sharing a room with her brother and to make matters worse her sister has a room full of brand new clothes. For Val life at school is a place she goes to learn and get A’s for her sister it’s about being popular and hanging out with her friends. But things start to change and she notices the Sam may appear to have things under control but something is going on. Val watches and listens to conversations trying to piece things together. Sam warns Val to back off; it could be her life or a loved one’s life. Val is scared and has no one to talk too, but deep down Val knows she must find out what is going on with Sam. When she meets Ed he wants to know where Sam is she knows there is way more to the story then Sam is willing to admit. You have to go read to find out what happens to Sam and Val!

Traffic Jam is a fantastic read; I ended up really enjoying Val she is shy and can’t look at the boy she likes or even hold a conversation with him. But when she comes face to face with the dangerous and scary Ed she doesn’t hold back. You can see the strength coming through her as she tries to figure out a way to save her sister Sam.

I have rated Traffic Jam a 4 star rating, I couldn’t put this book down, it is a must read. Melissa’s writing is good and I will definitely read the next book she publishes. I would recommend Traffic Jam to anyone who reads my reviews.

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