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Paranormal Romance
Title: Forever Clan (Book #3)
Author: January Bain
Date Published: 1/7/13
Book Description:
Sunday Rose's soul mate is a vampire. If that isn't difficult enough to deal with, she's pregnant with a child that prophecy states can either help or destroy the vampire race. And there are those that fear either outcome. If she is to protect her child from those who would exploit the prophecy, she must awaken unknown abilities and call upon her guardian angels to buy the time necessary to get her family to safe harbor.
"January Bain has created characters so real as to feel like family or friends. She makes the reader really care about what happens to them."

Judy Gill, editor and writer rated it 5 stars.

My Review:

Forever Clan (Forever, #3) by January Bain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Forever Clan is book 3 in the Forever series written by January Bain, her writing is very good; she sure can tell a story. I received the first two books in this series to understand the story lines and who was who. I really liked the way January writes, her stories are well written the plots are well planned out and it very easy to get caught in this series. I loved the fact that not all vampires are glorious sexy wonderful creatures like it most books.

In Forever Clan we meet Sunday Rose, she is a young woman who has put off her school and dreams to come home and take care of her mother. When January’s mother bakes a pie for the new neighbours in town she meets Sean. Sean and Sunday Rose are instantly attracted to each other and we find out fairly fast he is a vampire. But that does not stop Sunday Rose as she knows she wants this man. Their romance heats up pretty fast and they both declare their love for each other Sunday Rose knows this is her forever man, but there is so much more going on in the story with all the character’s that it doesn’t end up just a romance story. Sean has to leave and help his friends and while he’s gone Sunday finds out she is pregnant and is scared. This pregnancy is like no other and things start to happen pretty fast, I laughed a few times as Sunday Rose discovers she needs to eat a lot to keep her growing baby calm.

Meanwhile Sean and Aiden are working on saving his wife and Aiden’s life. There is a whole other story running in the background of Sunday Rose and Sean story. Forever Clan is written so well you get caught up in this story instantly. Of course I could say so much more but then I don’t want to have to write spoiler alerts.

I have rated Forever Clan a 4 stars rating and if you like romance and suspense this is a series to read. January Bain is now one of my favorite authors, and I definitely will be buying anything else she writes. So I recommend anyone who loves to read romance, suspense and vampire novels this is a series you should read.

Author Bio
PhotobucketJanuary Bain hails from Ashern, Manitoba, Canada. Married to the love of her life, her husband Don, she has combined her love of romance with her interest in vampires to produce the Forever Series of books. She also writes Science Fiction novels chiefly concerned with time travel and life on other planets. She teaches English and Computer courses during the day, and gets up at 5 am to write before her day job. She hopes her storytelling will touch your heart. She loves hearing from readers and writers alike!
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