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Not Quite Mine by Catherine Bybee - Book Tour & Giveaway

Montlake Romance, Contemporary
May 07, 2013, First Edition
Paperback & Kindle
ISBN: 978-1611099515
Book Description:

Gorgeous hotel heiress Katelyn “Katie” Morrison seems to have it all. But when she crosses paths with Dean Prescott—the only man she’s ever loved—at her brother’s wedding, Katie realizes there’s a gaping hole in her life. After the ceremony she gets an even bigger surprise: a baby girl
left on her doorstep. Determined to keep the newborn until she learns who her mother is, Katie has her hands full and doesn’t need Dean snooping around…especially when his presence stirs feelings she thought were long gone..

Dean Prescott knows Katie is lying to him about the baby. He shouldn’t care what the woman who broke his heart is up to…and he most certainly shouldn’t still be aching for her. Yet Dean can’t ignore the need to protect Katie—or the desire to be near her every chance he gets. But when he and Katie solve the mystery surrounding the baby, their second chance for happiness could be shattered forever.

My Review:

Not Quite Mine (Not Quite #2) by Catherine Bybee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I first read a novel call Not Quite Dating by Catherine Bybee and really enjoyed the story and the authors writing. So when book two in this series was up I knew right away I had to read it. Catherine Bybee’s writing is really good, the story line and characters are well written this is one of those books when you sit down to start to read it you get so caught up in the story that before you know it your at the end.

In Not Quite Mine we start off at Jack and Jessie’s wedding from Not Quite Dating, and Katie and Dean are both the main characters in this novel. Katie who is Jack’s sister has always been a bit of a spoiled wild rich girl and Dean who is one of Jack’s best friends has always held some major feelings for Katie. Katie and Dean have a past that they kept a secret from everyone; part of the fun was the sneaking around. But when the relationship ended they both pretended to move on, each one thinking the other never really cared. As we get into this story we find out that they both held secrets from one another and really do still have some feeling for each other.

Right after the wedding Katie finds a 2 week old baby left in front of her door with a note asking her to take care of the baby as her own. Katie has no idea who the mother is and how she knew Katie couldn’t have children of her own. Of course she immediately falls in love with Savannah and decides she has to keep this a secret till she can find out more. Keeping this secret is going to be hard work for Katie especially since Dean is snooping around trying to figure out what is going on with Katie and why is she acting so different. Dean confronts her on her behaviour using the excuse he is keeping an eye on her for her brother Jack, he can tell Katie is hiding something.

There is so much more to this story then just romance it’s about letting go of your past, growing and the changes one goes through when there is someone more important than yourself. What happens when Dean finds out about Savannah, and then Katie’s mother seems to appear out of nowhere? Then to make things even harder is watching Dean with Savannah and knowing how great a father he would be?

This whole novel is fantastic, I loved reading about Jessie, Jack and Danny, and Gaylord Jack and Katie’s dad all the characters are so well written you cannot help but want more. I for one cannot wait for book 3 in this series.

I have rated Not Quite Mine a 4.5 stars and would recommend anyone reading my review to go pick up Not Quite Dating and Not Quite Mine. Catherine Bybee writing is one of the better romance authors I have read and love her writing style; she definitely is one of my favorite authors.


Dean followed the pattern of awestruck men until he found her.

Bent over a railing on what would be one of the many ground floor suites, Katie’s short, cream-colored skirt rode midthigh. The sight of her slammed his breath from his lungs. Her long legs appeared to ride for miles and the four-inch heels extended them even farther.

Her butt flexed as she straightened and looked up to the ceiling. She reached above her head as if measuring the height of the room.

The memory of her stretching in bed, naked, after they’d made love swam in his mind.

Get a grip, Dean, he chided himself. Drowning in those memories would only lead to heartache. And he’d had his share of that, enough to last a lifetime.

“You need to wear a hat,” he all but yelled in her direction.

Katie jumped and swiveled in his direction. “Damn it, Dean, you scared me.” She brought a hand to her chest as if calming her heart from the shock of him being there.

“If an inspector were here, he’d shut me down if he caught you without a hard hat.”

He took two purposeful strides in her direction and thrust the hat in front of him. He avoided her personal space but couldn’t keep her floral scent from reaching his nose.

She always smelled like spring.
 Dean wiggled the hat in his hand.
She sneered at it as if it were a snake. “Who else has worn that thing?”

“I have no idea.”
 “I’m not touching it.”
He rolled his eyes and let his arm fall. “You wear a hat, or get off my job site.”

Her mouth dropped. “You can’t fire me.”

“I’m not firing you, I’m telling you the rules. And those shoes have to go, too.”

She stuck out a hip and rested a hand on it. “Will an inspector shut you down for my shoes?”

He wanted to tell her yes, but he’d be lying. “The ground is uneven and there are nails everywhere. Twisting an ankle and contracting tetanus are the most likely by-product of stilettos on the site.”

Katie lifted a leg and examined her own shoe. Her skirt slid farther up her thighs.

Dean groaned.
 “I’ve run from half a dozen paparazzi on the cobblestoned streets of Italy in heels like these. I’ll take my chances.”

He thrust the hat in her direction a second time and dismissed the footwear argument. “They’re your feet. The hat isn’t optional.”

After sniffing the air and finding it unsavory, Katie glanced at the top of his head. He read her thought before she managed to voice it.

“Has anyone else worn your hat?”
 It had his name on it. No one would consider putting it atop his or her head. “No.”
 A slow Southern smile met her lips. Avoiding a forgotten two-by-four, she shortened the space between them and stared at his hat.

This was not a fight he was going to win. He could insist she wear the hat in his hand, but knew he’d end up tossing her over his shoulder and removing her from the site because she wouldn’t wear it. It wasn’t that she was a snob, just particular about what touched her skin.

No matter how the hat ordeal played out, the men on his crew would be talking by the end of the day. Carrying her off the site or letting her wear his hat for the day…those were his options.

He mumbled under his breath and removed his hat before plunking it down on her stubborn head.

Authors Bio:

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned novels Wife by Wednesday, Married by Monday, and Not Quite Dating. Bybee lives with her husband and two teenage sons in Southern California.

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