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Chivalry and Malevolence by Rae Z Ryans - Book Tour & Giveaway!

Book Description:

Blanked in white snow, Alfheim is off-limits to mankind. The elves and fae of the Unseelie court ruled over their lands, inciting chaos for the sake of power. The young Princess Morgana, forced to wear protective layers over her face, disagreed with the ways of her people. She craved love, but love is not the Unseelie way.

The Knight and his horse traveled toward home after two years on the battlefield. Within moments, the world transformed before his eyes as green gave way to white. He blinked as Achilles stirred. Strange creatures wielding swords and axes surrounded and captured him. They tossed him into a dank prison where he awaited his death.

With no hope of survival or escape, he prayed for the shrouded woman, who showed him kindness and healed his wounds.

My Review:

Chivalry and Malevolence (Nine Realms: Alfheim) by Rae Z. Ryans
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given of copy of Chivalry and Malevolence by Rae Z. Ryans in exchange for an honest review.

First I have to say normally I don’t read this genre but I really thought it sounded interesting.

Rae Z. Ryans is an excellent author, the detail involved in writing this story is phenomenal. The characters and plot are well written and I couldn’t stop reading wanting to see what was going to happen next.

We meet Princess Morgana who has suffered a great deal at the hands of her mother Queen of Alfheim never telling anyone what she is going through. Princess Morgana suffers thorough the physical and emotional abuse her mother inflicts and hides her scars under her veil so no one will see. Drust the dragon knows and will do what he can to keep her safe, asking her to marry him might help. In all the suffering we see a great strength inside Morgana.

Thomas who is a human Knight who happens to stumble into Princess Morgana world and in this realm humans are killed as they are inferior and of course don’t have pointed years. Princess Morgana knows she has to help Thomas and will fight for him.

This story is fantastic, you have to read this book to find out what happens to Princess Morgana and Thomas.

Besides reading about Elf’s, Fae, Witches and Dragons in this mystical world there is so many underlying messages in this book. You can love someone who is different then you, everyone is equal, and of course the main one is love is more about what is on the inside of a person then what he or she looks like.

I have rated Chivalry and Malevolence by Rae Z. Ryans 4 star rating, and I cannot wait to read more in this series. I definitely would also read anything else Rae Ryan writes.

Guest Post:

Overcoming Bi-Polar Disorder With Creative Writing Therapy

I’ve suffered from bi-polar disorder and severe social anxiety most of my adult life. Originally diagnosed when I was nineteen years old, I’d suffered from mental illness, starting in my early teens.  You name the medication, and I’ve likely tried it, but pills left me in a drained zombie like state.

Years would pass before I picked up my proverbial pen. Even when the darkness of my mind threatened to hold me hostage, I refused to write those feelings down. Instead, I immersed myself in reading and studying writing. The fear created by my condition halted all progress and the future of a writing career.

Over the next twelve years, all I wrote were assignments for class. I shared those with great, body freezing reluctance. My face reddened, and my heart pounded long before anyone looked at my work. Just the idea of criticism, even constructive, was enough to keep me bed ridden for days, or I’d throw caution to the wind and drown myself, obsessing over mundane acts like cleaning, researching, or shopping.

After years of doctors, pills, and therapists, one finally asked me a simple question. He said, “Why don’t you write for you? It can be a journal, short stories, poems, or your reaction to events.”

Three years ago, I started writing again. At first, I wrote short stories while relearning the craft I’d swept under the rug. Little by little, the creativity returned, and I’d actually started ghost writing. Last year I took a leap of faith and published Chivalry and Malevolence. Like most my stories it’s a fictional account, but at its root is my personal battle of light and darkness I face every day.

Writing became my outlet, and while I still fight with obsessing over my work, I’ve found it gave my life direction. In addition to my own writing, I ghost write and have a part-time editing business for Indie authors. None of that would’ve been possible without overcoming my illness with creative writing.

About The Author:
Rae Z. Ryans currently resides in Tumbleweed, Alabama, with her four demons (cats), three lycans (dogs), three sprites (kiddos), and her “normal” mood-shifting husband. Born in Alaska and raised in New Jersey, Rae now calls the south her home.

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, Rae never lived in an igloo.

She claims to own a pink elephant that buy shoes and books. While there is plenty of proof that Rae loves both, no one can prove the existence of Punky the elephant. She would point out that we can’t disprove it either.

All kidding aside, Rae is an alternate ego who enjoys writing urban and historical fantasy/paranormal in her spare time. With a deep love for mythology and history, she blends the two together, and creates new worlds, heroic obstacles, and weaves dark tales. These works are often loosely inspired by Norse Mythology, but with plenty of unique twists.

She is currently working on a secret (shh) new steampunk series and continuing to write the Nine Realms series: Alfheim and Midgard.

You can find Rae here:

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