Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Stone BearersStone Bearers by R.E. Washington

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stone Bearers by R.E. Washington


There's a war going on and humanity is the prize.

Caught in a battle between two supernatural forces, five junior high students are killed. But Constance, Jonathan Avery, Maria, and Danielle return from the dead -- and they've changed.

They each carry a piece of a soul stone and with it they have extraordinary powers. Now they can summon weapons from thin air and even start fires with their minds. With these powers comes a connection they never wanted, and coming back from the dead hasn't wiped away the grudges between them. When one of them loses themselves to the power, they are soon caught in a battle against themselves and an enemy that wants to make sure that this time they stay dead.

R.E. Washington is an extremely talented author her writing style was so easy to read and the words flowed so well that before you know it your on the last page wanting more. Her descriptions were not overly done and you were engaged throughout the story. R.E. Washington starts off this book showing us the readers what it is like to be bullied and the effects it has on not just yourself but your close friends. The issue of bullying and the affects it has on young people today is a very important topic and R.E. writing and reactions were very realistic and handled with care and passion. Excellent writing!

So the story starts off around the bullying and Constance telling off a few people for not doing anything when they see this occur. When a teacher approaches the scene he sentences all 5 of the youths to detention, during the dentition chaos breakouts and Constance ends up saving the 4 other youth lives by an unusual manner.

Now Constance, Maria, Avery, Danielle, and Jonathon have to work together to learn to fight and keep each other safe. But can the bullies and bullied work together can they form trust enough to keep each other alive. Can Constance step up and be the leader of this mixed group and keep her friends from killing each other.

The Stone Bearers is a YA Paranormal novel, and I cannot wait for book 2 to be released to see what will happen next to this mixed group of young people. Also like to thank R.E. Washington for giving us at Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics R2R Group a copy of your book to review. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys YA Paranormal novels.

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