Sunday, 11 December 2011

Touch of FateTouch of Fate by Christine Amsden

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Marianne can predict the future but is powerless to alter its course. After a lifetime spent coming to terms with an ability that has cost her much, including her marriage, Marianne moves halfway across the country to make a fresh start and salvage her relationship with her daughter, who has inherited her terrible ability.

Once there, Marianne is drawn to a group of women who share her ability. She starts to find meaning and purpose--until she finds one of them murdered.

In the wake of the murder, Marianne is once again caught up in predictions she is powerless to change. Complicating matters, she finds herself falling in love with the handsome Detective Derek Richards--a man who, her daughter predicts, will become an intimate part of her future.

Time is running out for Marianne. She must learn the truth--about herself, about her power, and about the murderer--before she becomes the next victim.


This book has everything I look for in a novel, mystery, romance, drama and adventure and of course a handsome police detective. Touch of Fate is a paranormal read and the author Christine Amsden has done a great job writing this story it’s easy to read, words flowed nicely and kept me interest all throughout the book.

The main character Marianne who we find out has a special gift, of course we say gift but in reality sometimes to Marianne seeing the future is more of a curse. Marianne’s life has not been easy she has had many losses, and struggles with depression her most recent loss is finding out her husband was having an affair and dealing with the outcome of him leaving and moving on with another woman.

Marianne’s grandmother always told her that she may get the signs but there is nothing she can do to change the future or the events that will unfold. Marianne has learnt the hard way that her grandmother’s words are very true.

We are also introduced to Marianne’s daughter Gabrielle who has also been given her mother’s gift but is still fairly new at this point. Gabrielle and her friend want to go to a party on Friday and this leads to Marianne getting signs that her daughters best friend is in danger and will die in a car accident. When Gabrielle sees that her mother is having signs she wants to know what is going on Gabrielle pleads with her mom to help her save her best friends, ignoring her grandmother’s warning they set out to stop this event from happening.
The outcome of this changes things, their lives seem to fall apart, Marianne finds herself looking at a map trying to find a place to start over. Drawn to St.Louis she sells her house and she take steps to move on and start a new life with Gabrielle.

In St.Louis, Marianne makes friends with a group of women who share her ability to see the future, things seem to going well and she actually feels like she has things under control. But as her life seems to settle down her daughter is spiralling out of control, Gabrielle seems to enjoy warning people of things that will happen of course the outcome of this is not good.

Marianne’s new friend Jean is murdered in the parking garage and we meet handsome Detective Derek Richards who is investigating the murder. He knows things are not adding up and starts to questions the group of women to find out exactly what is going on. During the investigation Derek starts to have feeling towards Marianne and they both seem to show interest in one another. The romance here starts to blossom and Marianne comes clean about her abilities and what she thinks is going on.

Touch of Fate is written in third person and it’s great to see what each character is thinking and planning to do, Christine did a great job in keeping the reader’s connected to each character. I would recommend this book to anyone of my friends who enjoy paranormal, murder mystery and romance novels.

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