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Off Limits by Renee Pace


Lindsay looks and acts like the perfect fifteen year-old, but she’s hiding a dirty little secret that no amount of fashionista coverings can make better. Telling her mother her step-father is molesting her is not an option. Trying to kill herself again haunts her more than the scars on her wrists, and pretending to be perfect at school might very well drive her over the edge.

Megan knows all about lying. It's been part of her life ever since she realized the only way to escape her poverty-stricken neighborhood was to work hard, keep her mouth shut and wear a mask no one can penetrate. All that changes when Lindsay befriends her.

Can two girls who have little in common discover the value of a real friendship or will the secrets they dare not speak destroy them both?


Off Limits by Renee Pace

This is the first book I’ve read written by Renee Pace, I have to say I really enjoyed her writing; I picked up this book and never put it down. Renee’s writing is suburb, her character descriptions and plot are written well and words flowed easily. Before I knew it I was at the end of the story. I really enjoyed Off Limits even though it talks about some hard topics. I have to say that I felt for the two main characters and I was pulling for their friendship. Excellent writing.

This is a story of two young women from different backgrounds who end up working together on a school project and start to build a friendship.  Though they both don’t want one, as they trust no one. Keeping secrets from everyone is how they both like it.

Lindsey is beautiful and rich and has everything she wants, but her home life is horrific, mom is out all the time working, leaving Lindsey at home alone with her stepfather. Lindsey does everything she can do not to be alone with him, even inviting friends over to spend the night. One evening when no one can sleep over she end up inviting over Megan.

Megan lives at home with her mother who has MS, and they are struggling, Megan has to go to the food banks, works part-time and has to keep her grades up to stay in the private school she is attending. She has a deep dark secret that she has only told one person, her brother. Her brother who was high one night ended up bringing home a dangerous friend and left Megan in a very unsafe situation.

These two girls cross paths many times and we can see they both are forming a friendship even though they trust no one. Can they become friends and help each other recover from their pasts?

This is a great story, a must read. I have rated it a 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoy Ya novels.


Welcome Renee Pace and thank you for the Interview:

So excited to be here today. Let me introduce myself to you. First off, I’m a writer (lol), guess you realize that. I’m also a wife happily married to my husband for 20 years and we’ve been blessed with four children. I almost inserted ‘wonderful’ children but get real. Yes, I love my children but with two boys well in to their teen years, 16 and 14, let’s just say I’d take those terrible twos any day.

My life is a work in progress. It’s always been that case. Take for example I worked my butt off to get out of my small fishing community and realized at the pivotal age of 12 the only way out was securing a good education, applying for student loans and saving money. I started working at the local drug store at the age of 16, babysat every chance I could and saved every penny for university. Once I got to university I quickly realized those A’s I had received were worth C’s. I gathered my courage and approached every professor and bless those English and History professors at Dalhousie University for taking the time to teach me how to write a proper English paper, how to write up a Bibliography and how to use the library. Without those professors I’m sure I would have dropped out but dropping out really wasn’t an option because going back home would have killed me. I also worked two jobs to get me through university.
My overall goal, back then, was to become a journalist. I applied to four university’s and got accepted to Ryerson Polytechnical (now Ryerson University) for a two-year journalism program after I finished my first degree which was a BA (I always make the sound of a goat here because really it’s a useless degree unless you’re going after more education, which I did). I had role models and I wanted to be just like ? from CBC, but alas CBC was into deep cuts when I finished my degree so I quickly had to adjust my thinking. I went into public relations. Don’t groan. I actually loved it. My first job was as editor of Saint Mary’s University’s faculty paper. This was my first exposure to talking to professors and fishing out stories that I could write which made sense to everyone. It was challenging but the geek in me loved to discover new scientific things.
In between this time I meet hubby. We dated four short months before he proposed. It honestly was love at first sight. We also discovered that having children might be difficult because after suffering for years I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis, which meant my fallopian tubes had a build of up scar tissue. I had surgery at the age of 25 and was told to start trying to have children immediately. We did just that thinking it would take years but we were blessed and nine months later our first son was born. After that it was bang every three years another baby came our way.
By the time baby three came I started working from home because the cost of daycare was outrageous and I truly did want to be home for my children. That was when I put into motion one of my big life goals—writing a book. This took me over a year and that book is under the bed, so to speak, but it showed me I could do it. I then joined my local romance writers’ group and never looked back. Today, I have over 12 books to my name. This year I started my Indie journey and launched my nitty gritty YA stories under a new name (actually it’s my original name-lol) and I’m loving it. The third book in my nitty gritty series, Off Stroke debuts this month on Amazon and I plan to keep on writing.
I have a lot of other life goals I want to accomplish and I’ve set a plan in motion to make those goals a reality. Like many things in my life I know they’ll take a lot of work but in the end it will be rewarding.
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