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Created (Book 1 of the Created Series) by Shannon Shaw - Blog Tour

Seventeen year old Ethan awakes to find himself strapped to a medical gurney after being rescued from an attack from creatures that should not exist. Exhausted, and in disbelief, he soon learns that he has unwillingly been selected to take part in a government program that will transform him into a creature from his nightmares.

Guided by another of the Created, Ethan must deal with the rules of his new world, a burgeoning romance with a girl no longer of his kind and fight to stay alive.

Excerpt from Chapter 26

The interior of the back room of the Tortured Rabbit was filled with two rows of empty metal hospital operating tables which bisected the room. Along the outer walls were doors, five each side. Across the back wall were plush chairs and couches upon which sat the rest of the members of my team. Each of which were looking very relaxed. In the shadows to the right stood an armed guard dressed in black and toting a Robinson XCR assault rifle, to the left the same. Both were on edge as evidenced from their profuse sweating and rapid heartbeats. A lesser concerned pair of gentlemen sat at a table a few feet in front of Veronica and me.

Veronica led me to the table. She presented her right forearm. "Veronica Stace and Ethan Castel are here to check in."

The eldest of the two soldiers at the table removed a needle containing a vividly yellow substance from a small metal case. The needle was inserted into Veronica's arm injecting her with the liquid.
Discarding the needle to his partner, who placed it into a heavy looking yellow box at his feet; he reached into the case and presented another as he motioned for my arm.
Instinctively, I withdrew my arm. The room got tense as the two soldiers on guard both charged their rifles alerting me to my mistake.

Delivering my arm to the soldier, the man hurriedly finished his duty. He passed off the empty syringe to his colleague then produced a small silver box covered with three buttons: red, yellow, and green.

The shot was painless, but the concern was overwhelming. "What the hell did you just do to me?"

There was no response as he continued about his duties. We were dismissed with a wave of his hand. He pressed the green, button on the metal panel as we walked away. The button triggered the unlocking of the doors to either side of us with a chorus of clicks.

I joined hands with Veronica as we walked to the back of the room. "What just happened?"

She spoke softly, "There is now a tracking node inside of you that allows them to detonate the nanites in your blood if things were to get out of hand. It is a precaution. Consider it the final and ultimate failsafe."

I looked at my forearm as a tiny light blinked momentarily then dissolved beneath the skin.


About the Author:


My nonwriting career has been filled with the joy of teaching and coaching, but I have wanted to be a writer since I was a little boy.

Dealing with people of different socioeconomic backgrounds in the classroom, the court, the track and on the field have allowed me to develop an understanding of personalities and interspection under a variety of postive and negative conditions. These conditions are evident within my writing and have been hugely beneficial.

I do not want to be limited to a particular genre. I tend to write about topics or concepts that I find engaging. Ideas take over my thoughts and I have to get them out.

I lean more to horror and paranormal.

My current projects are part of a series, hopefully finished soon, involving werewolves, vampires, zombies and some surprises.

I am way too adicted to the television shows The Walking Dead and Being Human.

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