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Lily The Witch Hunter by Emma Hart - Blog Tour

Witches. Vampires. Werewolves. Demons.

Moving to Salem introduces Lily Mauve to a whole new world, one she is in the centre of.
If making new friends and falling in love isn't enough, there's also the fact she's a witch.
A witch destined to be a triple goddess and defeat the man who has hunted her kind for over three hundred years.

Faced with heartbreak, never-ending family secrets, lies and betrayal, she must stand strong and be the leader everyone knows she can be.

Lily thinks the war will end in Salem, because destroying Henry Luther is her birthright, isn't it?

My Review:

Lily: The Witch Hunter (The Mauve Legacy 1 - 4) By Emma Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lily: The Witch Hunter is a well written novel, I was quite impressed with this story and hope there is more to come in the future. Emma Hart writing is good, there is a group of characters and Emma does a great job introducing all of them to us, I really enjoyed many of her characters in this novel and see so much potential for this series. The plot flows really well, easy to read and once you start it’s a hard novel to put down.

We meet Lily who has just moved to Salem with her parents, still a bit mad at her parents for moving her to the town of Salem hoping she is going to fit in to her new high school. But Lily goes to school not sure what to expect and finds she fits in pretty well and meets some new friends fairly fast.

As the story goes a long Lily finds out she is from a long line of powerful witches and that an evil man is out to kill off the families who have magic. Lily and her friend’s band together to find the evil Henry Luther and destroy him but they must train as Lily is just coming into her powers, and little do they know Lily is a powerful witch.

This story is great not only is it about witches it has many other paranormal character, werewolf’s, vampires and demons and they all band together to destroy the one person who is out to take everyone’s power by killing the witches. There is a lot more to say about this but hard to do without writing spoiler alerts. But I will say this is a novel worth reading.

Lily: The Witch Hunter is a good paranormal novel, has some suspense, action and romance. I have rated Lily: The Witch Hunter a 4 star rating and Emma Hart have done a beautiful job combining her books into this one novel. I hope there is more to come as I really want to find out what happens to the group of friends.

Guest Post by Emma Hart

Your Writing Process

I never would have considered myself as having a 'process'. I mean, how I write is pretty random. I get an idea, grab the nearest phone or computer and put it down. Job done.

Thinking now though, since I started writing The Mauve Legacy, my process has changed. A lot. With A Magical History, I just wrote as it came to me. I didn't have a clear idea of where my book was going, if anywhere. When I started it was going to be a single book, but it's now a six book series.

The first thing I do when I want to write a book is a rough timeline and ask myself questions. Who's in it? What's going to happen? When is it going to happen? Who is it happening to?

For Just A Pawn, I had two pages of notes for scenes, in chronological order. It helped me so much. It meant that when it came to actually writing the book, all I had to do was basically fill in the gaps with normal stuff.

Research - I had so much to do even after I'd published the first part of the series. For one, I knew nothing about Salem or the witch trials, nothing about Wicca, and (as I was reminded) nothing about American slang.

I've probably spent about an equal time researching and writing. But you can't just log onto Wikipedia and boom there's your info. I scoured several sites about the Witch Trials, and I have more Wicca sites in my favourites than I'd like to count (which frequently causes my partner to ask me 'what the hell is that crap in the favourites?') I had to know the ins and outs of everything, and if I'm going to be honest - and I always am - I might have enjoyed the research a bit too much. It was fascinating for me, especially when I was scrolling through numerous spells on every site in view to find one perfect for my characters' needs. Now, however, I write them myself because I've read so many, and they all rhyme!

By this point, I'm thinking of ideas for covers and the book description. I like to be organised. I usually do my synopsis and book covers when I'm having a bad few days of writing and the ideas just won't flow. That way, you're still focused on the book without being too far away from it. By the time I've got that done, the ideas are back and I'm ready to start writing again.

About the Author:

Emma Hart is a young mum/maid/launderette/personal chef/author who lives in Barnstaple, Devon in England. She lives with a man bearing the title fiancé who is incapable of picking up dirty socks and their one year old little monster who currently shouts 'quack' at everything.

When she's not writing or being mum, she enjoys sitting down with a good book to get five minutes peace, which almost never happens. She freely admits to hating talent shows on TV, (The Voice, Xfactor etc) but being completely addicted to them and unable to stop watching. Emma believes there are only two men in the world who can say they truly understand women – their names are Ben & Jerry – because if you didn't understand women there's no way you could create ice-cream that good.

She also admits to being a bit eBay obsessive. You will find at least 200 items on her watch list at any one time. Little girl's shoes is another love of hers – just as well because her daughter grows incredibly quickly. Sadly, this is the only one of her obsessions she is able to justify.

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