Thursday, 29 November 2012

More Than Bonbons by Judith Post

Emerald Hills is a tourist town, with a secret. It has magic tucked here and there in its nooks and crannies. Tana has put all of her time and energy into making her Emerald Hills' candy shoppe a success. Nate has traveled the world, building his career as a photographer. When he visits Emerald Hills to see his aunt, he stops at Tana's shop to buy candy and shows her a photo he took of the woman who runs a vegetable stand near town. But Midu's image has faded from the photo until only her farm stand remains—Emerald Hills' magic at work. Tana and Nate are forced to work together to save Midu, so that she doesn't fade for real.

My Review:

More Than Bonbons by Judith Post
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

More Than Bonbons is a cute, well written novel; Judith Post has written a short novella about a magical town with fantastic characters.

So because I have to be honest in all my reviews I do have to admit the main character is fantastic, she owns a candy shop and with a touch of magic she brings happiness to her customers.

There is a touch of mystery, some romance and all in all it’s a cute, fun read.

Oh did I mention the characters in this book names are Tana, Midu and Sheri...oh it was so wonderful reading this novel.

Thank you Judith I thoroughly enjoyed it, and how did you know I am wishing to meet a handsome man lol...

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